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French tennis star Richard Gasquet The tournament organizer, announced on Friday, received a wildcard in Antwerp. Gasquet, once the 7th largest in the world, has been a regular participant in Antwerp since the tournament first edition was held in 2016.

Gasquet, 35, is scheduled to make his fifth appearance on a hard indoor court in Antwerp. Gasquet made history in Antwerp, the first champion of the tournament after defeating Diego Schwartmann in the 2016 final. Gasquet did not defend the Antwerp title in 2017, but returned to the event a year later to advance to the semi-finals.

After two powerful campaigns in Antwerp, Gasquet was unable to offer the same level of tennis in the last two tournament editions. Gasquet picked up the exit of the first round in a row in the last two editions, and he certainly wants to avoid the loss of the first round in three consecutive times in Antwerp.

Xavier Malisse joins Gasquet as a wildcard

Former 19th-ranked Marisse, who retired in 2014, will be back on tour for a short time after receiving a wildcard with Lloyd Harris and Doubles. Marisse, who is currently working with Harris, will team up with his students to play doubles in Antwerp.

Meanwhile, Gasquet recently shared advice with young players who want to succeed in tennis. “I don’t really think about junior titles. In fact, when I played for Monte Carlo at the age of 16, I felt that I could build a career as a professional player.

If you have any advice for a player who wants to give him a chance to get there, eat tennis, sleep, be passionate about his work, know that he will play tennis at this time, and that tennis Tell them to think about. Struggling to achieve a certain number of his goals, “Gasquet said.

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Richard Gasquet and Xavier Malisse give Antwerp a wildcard Richard Gasquet and Xavier Malisse give Antwerp a wildcard

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