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Honda rider Brabeck has had various fate in the first three days of the Saudi Arabian event and is currently in 13th place overall following the third stage on Tuesday.

The Americans started the rally by winning the prologue stage, which forced him to pave the way for the first stage on Sunday, dropping him to 24th overall.

Taking advantage of a more favorable road position in the second stage on Monday, he finished the runner-up behind his teammate Joan Valeda, but took advantage of KTM’s Toby Price dropping further on Tuesday. , I lowered the ranking.

In the middle of the first week of the rally, Brabeck was 12 minutes and 15 seconds behind the lead and Valeda slipped 8th from the overall lead, 9 minutes and 02 seconds behind.

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“The result is out of control, it’s like a rubber band effect,” Bravec said. “It’s really complicated, of course, there is some frustration.

“I have to think about how to get into the top 10. It’s hard to find the pace and speed. It comes out from behind so I try to compete and push to not lose too much day by day, but I’m better I don’t know how to finish sucking up the 7th position to put it in position [for the following day’s stage]..

“It was difficult, but we need to find a new strategy. Tomorrow we will see if we can get into the top 10 or something from behind instead of the first three positions like the other days. ..

# 88 Monster Energy Honda Team: Bort Joan Barreda

Photo: ASO

“Joan, [Pablo] Quintanilla and I are in the same situation. One day we will move on and the next day we will lose a lot of time. However, it is complicated because the difficulty of navigation changes like a roller coaster during the stage.

“The terrain, the classification, the roadbook, everything is a roller coaster so far. It’s the third day, but it’s good to know where we’re actually ranking up.”

Valeda told, “Of course I don’t want to waste my time, but I need to take into account that I had the track open and a few riders reached the finish line of the first group.

“The stage is very difficult these days, so I have to accept it and think positively every day. It’s hard to accept, but I have to do it this year.”

Surprise leader Howes just “enjoys”

KTM’s privateer Skyler Howes had an advantage of just 33 seconds over Honda’s Kevin Benavides, taking advantage of the three-day consistency after the stage on Tuesday, but overall. Lead.

The 28-year-old, who finished ninth overall in Dakar for the third time last year, said he wasn’t under pressure as a privateer and enjoyed being in the middle of the fight.

“Today, the dunes are flowing very well and I felt comfortable there,” said the American rider. “Then we went out into the open desert on a really fast sandy road and I felt like I was at home. I told myself if I felt good, and I put it on I did.

# 9 BAS Dakar KTM Racing Team: Skyler Howes

# 9 BAS Dakar KTM Racing Team: Skyler Howes

Photo: ASO

“It was a lot of fun. I caught up with Chucky. [Daniel Sanders], Luciano [Benavides] And Xavier [de Soultrait] And we all experienced this huge battle. For example, a four- or five-way battle in the last 150km.

“I expect a lot from myself. I keep myself at a high standard, but after all, I’m a privateer here and my way to get here I’m doing my best because I paid for it I enjoy every day.

“At the end of the stage, no matter what the result, I’m usually happy because I’m just riding a dirt bike.”

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Ricky Brabeck frustrated by the “rubber band effect” Ricky Brabeck frustrated by the “rubber band effect”

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