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Yamaha finished 2020 with seven wins, three of which were favored by Franco Morbidelli in the old M1 and the Italians also finished second in the final championship.

His Petronas SRT teammate Quartararo won all three times except one in the opening nine rounds, but plummeted from first to eighth in the championship after the last five disastrous races.


The 2020 M1 was very inconsistent, with Yamaha’s traditional rear grip issues and lack of revs compared to the Morbidelli, the predecessor of the “A Spec.”

Quartararo will step up to the factory team next year with Maverick Viñales, who named 2020 the worst season of his career, saying Yamaha riders need to be “confident” in the engineering capabilities of Japanese manufacturers. It was.

“I don’t have much experience in MotoGP, but I think I have a fair idea of ​​what to say to Yamaha and what can be improved. I think we need to believe them too.” Said Quartararo.

“It’s good to tell them that the bikes aren’t good, they need to work, but you have to believe that they made some pretty great bikes in the past, as last year was my first season. This is the best example for me.

“I think we have to be confident in telling them our ideas, and I think it will be important for us to believe in the project.

“Being a factory ride will be a benefit. I can’t wait to be there and there is a kind of meeting to study my ideas.”

When asked if Yamaha, which had been fighting the same problem for years, could turn things around in 2021, Quartararo added: Last year’s bike worked very well.

“Also, I didn’t ride the 2017 bike, but he [Vinales] He says the bike was working very well.

“There’s a solution. They just need to find a way to improve what we’re struggling with. Looking at Franco’s data, I think it’s clear that we’re missing out on turns and rear grips. ..

“They need to work on it and analyze it, but I think Yamaha is really motivated because they think the 2020 bike in the last race was a disaster for everyone.

“You don’t have to talk to them whenever the bike isn’t working. They look and work hard.

“They will find something, and we hope we can start testing in a really good way. We hope they are really motivated and ready to find the problem. “

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Riders need confidence in Yamaha to repair MotoGP bikes Riders need confidence in Yamaha to repair MotoGP bikes

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