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Riders partner with Waymo Via to dig deeper into truck autonomy

Ryder System Inc. will provide Waymo Via maintenance as developers of Google-backed self-driving software begin transportation of revenue-generating freight in Texas from a new transfer hub designed by Ryder.

Miami-based rider (NYSE: R) Also, in collaboration with Waymo Via’s rival TuSimple, some of the 500 maintenance facilities Help TuSimple expand its autonomous cargo network Whole country.

Cullen Jones, Rider’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, told Freight Waves in July.

“We operate fleets, so they can pilot with us to test their skills and implement our fleet’s capabilities. We also leverage these hubs. They love us because we have real estate and assets that we can do. “

Texas test run

Waymo (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Was announced to be relatively new to autonomous vehicles after growing from the original Google self-driving car program Test cargo runs on JB Hunt Transport Service In June.

Ryder and Waymo will collaborate on autonomous truck service and maintenance across the Waymo Via site in Texas, Arizona, California, Michigan and Ohio, as well as roadside services between hubs.

“There is a lot of synergy between Waymo Via’s vision and operations and Ryder’s expertise and resources,” Waymo Via’s head of commercialization, Charlie Jatt, said in a press release Wednesday.

Ryder, which has the potential to launch its own autonomous truck fleet, has the potential to become a potential customer of Waymo Via’s autonomous software Daimler Tracks North American Weimo Driver I have a plan for Freightliner Cascadia.

“The partnership initially focused on fleet maintenance, but there are many opportunities to work together on autonomous truck operations to deploy these trucks on a large scale,” Jones said. ..

“We have already worked with Waymo to work with the layout and design of Waymo’s new Dallas facility to ensure that the truck is maintainable and optimized for the transfer hub model we plan to pursue in the near future.”

Over the past decade, Waymo has accumulated over 20 million miles on public roads in 10 US states and over 20 billion miles in simulations.

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Riders partner with Waymo Via to dig deeper into truck autonomy Riders partner with Waymo Via to dig deeper into truck autonomy

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