Riders Republic offers a free trial one week before launch

I’m tired of just thinking about most Ubisoft games right now, but I want to fall into the mountains Riders Republic.. To make that easy, Ubisoft offers their highly multiplayer extreme sports trial week. From October 21st to 27th, you can play Riders Republic for 4 hours free of charge. Once purchased, the entire game will progress.

This might be perfect for me, as 4 hours is about the same as playing most Ubisoft games.

Trial Week includes access to all career and multiplayer modes of the game, but some of the latter will change slightly. For example, in large races, cross-play is enabled, limiting it to 32 players “for fairness” between players on different platforms.

During Trial Week, players can participate in the “Mad Challenge”. After completing the tutorial and reaching 20 stars, you can enter this multiplayer contest. In this contest, players who finish the top 10 in the mass race will be able to participate in a random draw to win the Riders Republic Canyon can Sign up for Mad Challenge here..

It’s not uncommon for multiplayer games to offer free trials-see all MMOs so far-but I’m still a little surprised that Ubisoft is offering trials to Riders Republic. increase. For a limited time, I think it will come back at some point after the game’s first release.

Riders Republic will launch for Proper on October 28th, the day after Trial Week ends.

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