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Given the great commercial success of GTA 5, I feel it’s almost inevitable to see a sequel at some point, but fans still read tea leaves to know exactly when GTA 6 will be released. I’m trying to do that. Again, I think fans have found a reference to GTA 6. This time around, it’s a dirt road in the middle of Virginia. It’s certainly a bit off the beaten path.

Wild Theory began when Rockstar released a new GTA online update teaser. Below that, the fan found a set of GPS coordinates.

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Pop these coordinates into Google Maps or Earth and you’ll arrive at the Middle Mountain Trail, a deserted truck in the middle of Virginia. But as Kotaku points out, fans think the shape of the road is actually a clue to GTA 6. The trail was a bit like the Roman numeral VI, which confused fans a bit.

“I checked it, and it definitely says VI to the ground,” said user gloomindoomin. “It’s far from being released, but congratulations on the first obvious signs from rock stars.”

That is, there are many possible shapes, but it can definitely be claimed to be a VI.

There’s a lot of fan theory about GTA 6, but since it comes from an official teaser, it’s hard to imagine a rock star sending fans to Scrabble on a dirt track to get clues about GTA 6. It’s very interesting. The way to where.


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