RIG700 PRO HX Headset for Xbox Review

Everyone knows that the game scene has exploded in recent years. What used to be a single link between 80’s kids and their console territory, or the underground network of PC players, has become mainstream in the battle for hegemony between Xbox, PlayStation, and, to a lesser extent, Nintendo. I did. In fact, the game scene is now a place for everyone. Young, old, skilled, confused – anyone can pick up a controller, launch their favorite game console and find something related.

But the scene isn’t just about the game itself. There are also plenty of accessories created to improve the experience. It’s more so than using a humble headset. Over the past few years, a huge number of third-party and first-party manufacturers have tried to focus on the scene, but they offer all sorts of options, including cheap, expensive, wired and wireless.

One of the people who has gained significant traction, especially in the last two years, is RIG’s traction. A brand featured by the enthusiastic NACON. What NACON is pushing for in the headset division is that this new acquisition will make a small change to what was previously very good and bring it back to market in a next-generation way.They have that tact RIG 500 Gen-2And now, the RIG 700 PRO HX is doing that too.

First reviewed the RIG700HX Before NACON splashes cash and throws PRO Monica at the 2019 backend.We were also very impressed, and although it wasn’t decent enough to take us RIG 800LX From our mind, it was certainly something to consider buying. So, with a slightly tuned redesign, a new USB wireless adapter, and its PRO tag in place, should the 700 PRO HX still remain on the radar?

It is certainly so. Improvements have been made in almost every change in the next generation version of the RIG 700 PRO HX.

Anyone familiar with RIG products can almost understand what to expect here. With 700PROHX, ultra-lightweight frame, wireless features, isolation ear cups, Dolby Atmos support, excellent communication opportunities, and a fairly unique design.

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In terms of design, the RIG 700 PRO HX headset is on the market at about the same level as before, with only minor tweaks. The outer frame is the same as before, but NACON has injected suspension-style headbands into the product and eliminated the old foam cushions. Anyone who has used this style of headset before can easily fit the 700 PRO HX on their head and the suspended band can remove all weight from the top of their head. Is a great call.

Use three notches instead of the usual sliders elsewhere, including the current standard RIG adjustment features found on the headband itself, and combine it with the ridiculous light weight of 240 grams and it’s ready to go. You will get things. There is the most comfortable headset you can imagine.

It is helped by some superbly cushioned earcups that surround the included 40mm driver. These are filled with a combination of leather materials along with the outside of the cloth and caressing your ears is an absolute pleasure. A headset that can be easily worn for hours at any time without feeling the heat or discomfort.

Branded for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC – The RIG 700 is also available in HS format for PlayStation players, but the new 700 PRO HX has an 850mAh battery and everything up to about 18. Corresponds to. Play Time – Increased again from the previous version’s 12 hours. I’m not sure that the number was completely obtained from the headset in actual use, but when the juice started to run low, a simple plug and play with the included USB-A-Micro-USB cable for an hour. Use one or two you will see you set it up again. It’s a bit disappointing that NACON hasn’t decided to go all in here and throw USB-C love on the 700PRO HX, especially because it’s rapidly becoming the norm for everything. Similarly, sticking to Micro-USB is not a big deal.

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Of course, having to turn it on means that the RIG 700 PRO HX is a wireless headset and doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack at all, so it can’t be used on a variety of devices. Instead, the newly redesigned USB-A wireless adapter guarantees full connectivity with Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Windows 10 PCs. It connects to your favorite USB-A socket, turns on the headset, and waits for a confirmation of the connection. It’s a simple process to launch and run, and testing hasn’t identified a single drop or issue with the connection. In fact, it’s solid throughout.

The new wireless adapter is a major improvement over the old-style cables and boxes that came with the previous 700 HX. I wanted to use a slightly shorter unit, but the ones included here are almost standard. ..

Once connected, you’re good enough to roll. Dolby Atmos support, a full volume dial, a separate game / chat balance dial, and a hit-friendly mute button are all in the cup on the left, allowing you to enjoy your game in the early hours with the RIG 700 PRO HX. Cinch. It’s also easy to stay connected with your peers and online teams, primarily thanks to the removable microphone. Many may prefer to find a flip-to-mute product here, but we certainly belong to that group just because it’s easy to lose something removable. The existing removable microphone is a pleasure to use. This allows for good communication between game channels and provides very clear and easy instructions.

The sound coming back through the earcups in the opposite direction is just as good. Whether it’s game audio, party chat, or a combination of both, the RIG 700 PRO HX never disappointed us. If you know the truth, with proper inclusion of Dolby Atmos, you may be amazed at the immersiveness that audio brings when it bounces from side to side and captivates you firmly. Experience at hand.

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However, one of the very few drawbacks is that the maximum volume allowed when playing games on the Xbox Series X | S is not as powerful as you might think. I’m constantly tinkering with the volume controls on both the console and headset, hoping I can get things up to 11, but that’s not enough.That’s perfectly fine for most game sessions, but if you want to kick back and zone out with something like: AVICII Invector, We were a little disappointed with the full volume. But then it’s not always best to keep hitting your head for hours.

Overall, it needs to be praised that NACON has already done with a good product. The RIG 700 PRO HX headset for Xbox has the most comfortable headset I’ve ever worn, the wireless capabilities are solid, and all the latest fixes in this next-generation PRO version have been improved. Oh, the Dolby Atmos sound it provides also helps to be great. It would have been nice to have a little louder volume, but this is a headset that everyone will be happy to use as a daily driver.

A big thank you to NACON for providing the RIG700 PRO HX for unpacking and review. If you want to pick up your headset yourself NACON Directly.

RIG 700 PRO HX GEN 2 Headset – Designed for Xbox | Unpacking | Review

RIG 700 PRO HX Headset for Xbox Review

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