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Javier Tebas, president of Riga, said Manchester City would not be able to sign Lionel Messi under the terms of previous Barcelona without “monetary doping.”

Messi became a free agent after his contract with Barcelona expired on June 30th. The club’s current financial problems are hampering Messi’s attempt to re-sign. It led to rumored clubs like City that had a relationship with him last summer, or PSG was able to intervene.

Tebas argues that it is legally impossible for the Premier League team to sign him in a deal that matches his previous salary, given the losses during the pandemic.

The president of the Spanish Games said at a press conference: “He cannot sign on the same terms as his previous contract. It is absolutely impossible.

“I don’t think clubs in Europe, not just Barcelona, ​​can pay that amount. I don’t think any club can pay the amount of the previous contract.

“If Citi lost 270 million euros, PSG suffered a huge loss, apparently not even considering registering with Messi. Registration with Messi cannot be taken into account.

“If they do it, they will continue to do what I say-it will be financial doping.” I also told (Mayor Pep) Guardiola, and I I told him directly-did you win as many titles without so much financial doping?

“When the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) left Manchester City, there were a lot of comments about it – (Jose) Mourinho and all the other coaches said this, so if this happens, it’s I really think what happens is absolutely unbelievable.

“That is, this is a kind of governance that needs to be minutes. This economic doping in football is really damaging to football.

“It inflates salary, which means there is unrealistic money involved because it is not produced by the club.

“That is, if the money in the football industry is not generated by football, it only causes inflation. It’s a bad type that ruins football because the club has to make every effort far beyond its financial capacity. Inflation .. They just have to look at their sporting ability.

“We really need to fight this, and we always keep doing this. This is one of our unsolved problems in European football and if not resolved soon, European football I think it can lead to a very complex financial situation. “

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Riga’s president explains why Manchester can’t sign Lionel Messi Riga’s president explains why Manchester can’t sign Lionel Messi

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