Rihanna’s movie takes over Netflix today

Rihanna is a pop icon, but she’s also a well-known actress and has appeared in several major films in the last few years.This includes everything from her own cameo to her starring role in movies such as: Valerian and the city of a thousand planets When Ocean’s 8. And now, one of her forgotten roles is doing really well on Netflix.

according to Flix Patrol, 2015s House Is currently the ninth most popular movie on Netflix and is a great achievement for older movies that are often overlooked. DreamWorks Animation Produce, House Is a computer-animated sci-fi comedy movie following Gratuity “Tip” Tucci (played by Rihanna).

One day, the Earth was invaded by an alien race called Boob. Boob considers humanity to be archaic and backwards, moving all humans to far corners of the planet, allowing Boob to move. However, Tip avoids capture and embarks on an adventure to reunite with the captured mother.

Along the way, he meets Oh, a boob played by Jim Parsons. Oh, he’s a free-thinker, so he’s hated by other Buchs. But to make friends, Boov tries to invite all the other Boovs to the party. However, they accidentally send an invitation to Boov’s longtime enemy, Gorg, who is trying to hunt down Boov. This causes the other Boov to turn Oh on, everyone starts trying to catch him, and Oh and Tip work together to force them to get what they want.

This movie had a lot of hype before its release for the cast. In addition to Rihanna and Parsons, the film also features Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez. The film was very strong at the box office, earning $ 386 million worldwide, one of the best opening weekends of the non-sequel DreamWorks film, and quickly exceeded the studio’s expectations.

However, the reviews for this movie are very mixed, with Rotten Tomatoes’ critic score of only 52% and viewer score of only 64%. Critics praised the colorful visuals and animations, some praising the story for friendship and family stories, while others said the film felt predictable and hollow.

Many viewer reviews agreed, claiming that the movie was okay for the kids, but offered nothing unique and memorable.However, a subset of reviewers criticized Person’s acting and pointed out that his personality was very similar to what he played. Big bang theory. However, in this format, the character quickly became annoying and spoiled the movie.

However, Rihanna received almost universal praise. Both her acting and her work on the movie soundtrack were praised. She won the Best Voice Performance Award at the Black Reel Awards. House.

House A fun movie showing Rihanna’s range. Hopefully, in the future you’ll see her take the lead in more films, whether animated or live-action. Her natural charisma allows her to enhance simple plots and characters and turn them into memorable ones.

Rihanna’s movie takes over Netflix today

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