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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seems to have transformed Manchester United in the last two months.

If they win Liverpool, the Red Devils will be at the top of the Premier League table, as they appear to have been unable to win the game because of love or money.

This is a turnaround to some extent, and Norwegians need to build on their recent successes to ensure United succeeds at the end of the campaign’s business.

Looking to the future, former United defender Rio Ferdinand has clarified why he doesn’t make a fuss about who he wants to meet at the club and whether Paul Pogba will stay or go.

“I don’t care if Pogba goes, Grealish is my man,” he told him. YouTube channelQuoted by Daily mirror..

“I’ve known him since he was in his early teens. He came to my restaurant and I got him and his dad some tickets for the game.

“He’s a great kid with a great family. He loves football. What young kids at Jack Grealish don’t see is hunger and diligence in a closed room. Attention to detail and how he trains. is.

“He changed powers, looked at himself and asked what he could do better.

“I’ve heard from many that he’s working hard on everything he does off-pitch to get to his current location. Weekly, weekly results are displayed.”

Manchester United’s board of directors recommends listening to Ferdinand’s attorney after missing some big goals in Dilly Dally last summer.

There is no further excuse for why a particular transfer transaction will not take place if both the club and the player agree to the terms this summer.

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Rio Ferdinand wants Manchester United to sign Grealish Rio Ferdinand wants Manchester United to sign Grealish

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