Riot rolls back Valorant’s patch 1.11 and calls it a “technical nightmare.”

Riot Games rolled back just hours after the first release of Valorant’s 1.11 patch. Some strange things have appeared online, but nothing more strange than one streamer’s screen being filled with what appears to be a stretched sage character model. That’s all I’m afraid of in my life. Other complaints included extra money when teammates went to AFK, certain smoke not working properly, and bullet tracer effects appearing randomly here and there.

The riot used Twitter to let people know that the patch will be returned at some point this week. Not everyone received it as it was only deployed in North America, Brazil and Latin America. The patch includes a new hero throwing animals, a new chilly map, and a normal balance change.

“The real story: 1.11 was a technical nightmare,” Riot tweeted. “Within 30 minutes, we will roll back the patches for North America, Brazil, and LATAM (one at a time), and we’ll postpone all other regions until they’re fixed. I know I said in all the patches, but thank you for your hard work.

“Once we know when the Valorant First Strike Qualifiers are less confusing, we’ll redeploy later in the week (and obviously there’s a solution). . “

None of these bugs seem to break the game in particular, but Riot is hosting a Valorant tournament, as the tweets hint at. As a result, developers may not want an accident that could lead to an incident. Imagine reaching the final and the screen being taken over by a spooky, stretched sage character model. No one wants it.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for Valorant help, we’ve created some guides on the best Valorant weapons. If you want to know which agents are worth learning, there is also a Valorant tierlist-there are so many options.

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