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Chuck Yeager, one of the greatest pilots in US Air Force history and the first man to break the sound barrier, died at the age of 97.

Jaeger was a decorated World War II fighter pilot, famous for shooting down five Germans in one day in 1944. His achievements later became the subject of a 1983 Academy Award-winning film. The right one..

His death was announced early tonight on his Twitter account by his wife, Victoria.

I’m sharing this here Because i grown I was crazy about fighters, crazy about flying sims, and I had a lot of favorites,Luftwaffe’s secret weapon And Red baron Give only two names— What I played most It was the 1991s Chuck Yeager aerial warfare..

Issued by EA for PC, CYAC—Second Chuck Yeager game After being disappointed Chuck Yeager’s advanced flight training— —Is an aerial battle playground, and in three different eras of fighter technology, players were able to fight in three completely separate wars. You can choose between World War II, South Korea, and Vietnam and then participate in several scenarios designed to be tested with different types of engagement.

However, these pre-baked missions were fairly limited after playing a few times, so their actual lifespan is CYAC It was born out of a creation suite where you can build your own mission with a very cool “Choose Your Own Adventure Series” style story.


screenshot: Chuck Yeager aerial warfare

This wasn’t the best flight sim ever created. In fact, It looked and treated very poorly compared to some of the same era.— But the novelty of offering three different wars to fight, and the ability to fight Vietnamese-era jets against World War II fighters on your own creative mission, you I couldn’t just wait for more and more aircraft to be patched (or sold for $ 2 each), which gave it a lot of reproducibility when I was there.

And while it wasn’t exactly a real experience, it’s a deathmatch shooter rather than a serious flight sim and fight it did The offer was really fun, especially if you were using a joystick.Indeed, due to all the shortcomings in some areas, the game itself gained a lot of fans, which was in the 90’s. Regularly land on the “Best Games Ever” list in PC game magazines..

Basically, if you grew up in the early 90’s and played flight sims, it’s very likely that you’re playing a lot. CYAC, And love it every minute.

Although Jaeger’s involvement in the development of the game itself was limited, EA’s licensing agreement meant that he still played a major role in the player’s perspective.His face wherever In the game, warnings are displayed in the middle of the mission, from the intro screen to the menu.

There was also a deluxe version of the game available. This included a VHS tape featuring an interview about Jaeger’s achievements and thoughts on aerial combat.

Jaeger has survived by his wife and four children.

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