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Rishi Sunak urges Boris Johnson to relax travel rules during the last week of school holidays

The prime minister is under pressure to radically redraw next week’s travel restrictions in time for the final week of summer vacation.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wrote to the Prime Minister to make an unprecedented intervention before Thursday’s crunch meeting and demand that Britain change its quarantine policy.

Fully vaccinated travelers and children from the UK no longer need to be quarantined when returning from a country on the amber list, but many are at risk of sudden quarantine rules. May choose to avoid vacation abroad.

France is already in the “Amber Plus” category. This means that returning travelers still need home quarantine.

The UK is also ready to lift restrictions on travelers landing on Red List country hubs. This requires strict hotel quarantine upon arrival in the UK.

This change requires tourists traveling to popular transit hubs such as Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Dubai and Istanbul to quarantine even if countries such as Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates remain on the redlist. Means that there is no.

France is likely to be removed from the amber list in an announcement coming next Monday through Thursday, August 9, according to government sources.

However, Spain, which has seen a 14.2% increase in beta cases over the past four weeks, is at risk of being on the “Amber Plus” list.

As the Sunday Times reported, Snack wrote to Johnson before the meeting on Thursday, stating that Britain’s border policy was “out of step with our international competitors.” The prime minister said he had little time to save the summer for the tourism and hospitality sector.

The prime minister is also said to be concerned about how travel rules are hindering business transactions with the United States. There are still serious restrictions on entry into the United States imposed by Joe Biden.

After the quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers have been completely lifted, discussions are underway to create a watchlist for countries on the amber list. This may mean that new quarantine measures will be imposed. Spain and Greece are believed to be at risk due to beta cases.

It was premature to call on Thursday about what the data from the Joint Biosecurity Center (JBC) would show, according to No. 10 sources. Johnson is understood to be in favor of relaxing more restrictions on travelers.

According to sources, Johnson wanted the trip to be as easy as possible. “We haven’t seen the data from the JBC yet. The Prime Minister was seeking a US / EU double vaccine exemption. This week is premature.”

Transport Minister Grant Shapps last week defended the decision to put France on the “Amber Plus” list. I was partially responsible.

The JBC was also accused by the Bureau of Statistics and Regulation of “not clarifying data and sources” to prove the need for drastic action.

Shadow transport secretary Jim McMahon said it was further evidence of the turmoil over border policy.

“Rishi Sunak’s latest self-promotion campaign only raises people’s anxiety,” he said.

“Rather than briefly explaining Sunday’s newspapers to each other, the Tories need to grasp and end the turmoil this summer.

“The minister not only failed to defend our borders, but also allowed the Covid case to surge, refused to straighten up with the general public, and was clear about the direction of the infection. Along with the information, we have provided the information you need to book your trip with confidence, each country.

“Families who book vacations in good faith are now at risk of losing. For many who are already financially struggling because of a pandemic, 10-day quarantine is not just an option.”

Rishi Sunak urges Boris Johnson to relax travel rules during the last week of school holidays Rishi Sunak urges Boris Johnson to relax travel rules during the last week of school holidays

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