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This game had all the qualities for this accurate result. Reefs was on Hot Streak, Flames suffered a 7-1 defeat, and Reefs suffered an absurd amount of injury on Hutchinson’s net. It went as we all expected.

And to be honest, I’m not angry. Andersen, Mujin, Thornton, Heymann were all out (with Simmons and Campbell for a while), Reefs wasn’t quite in the game anymore, and David Ritchi closed the door as Reefs lost three. It was. 0.

The first period worked as well as expected given the situation. They saw shot attempts and scoring chances in favor of the flame, but they only found themselves 1-0 after the first thanks to a goal from Sam Bennett. .. Reefs did some power play to pull the game apart, but he didn’t get anything online, despite his many chances of scoring.

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Reefs started to put a little more pressure on him second, with power play, more strength, and even shorter hands, but David Richitch was taller and stopped everything Reefs threw. His work was also rewarded. Flames second took advantage of their own power play with Matthew Tkachuk chips to make it 2-0 Flames.

This trend continued in the third period as Reefs was even closer to the goal, as Sean Monaghan basically set the goal of making the game 3-0.

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He didn’t score, but if he didn’t try, he would be God. He had some scoring chances in the short hand, and he was also one of Reefs’ best players as long as shot attempts and scoring chances went. He did his best, and that’s all that matters in games like this.

He didn’t play badly in a nutshell, but despite playing on the Superline he had one of the worst ownership stats on the team, but he still has a good chance. Had It’s really about it, because no one really stood out as sacrificing the game to the team.

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Reefs will play the flames again at home on Wednesday and play a 7 pm match on the sports net.

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Ritchi closed the door as Reefs lost 3-0 – The Leafs Nation Ritchi closed the door as Reefs lost 3-0 – The Leafs Nation

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