Rivals of Aether has been updated (version, patch notes

Rivals of Aether has been updated (version, patch notes

Posted on News, Switch by Ervin on December 16, 2020

Rivals of Aether has received a number of updates that balance some gameplay and fix some bugs. Check out the patch notes below.

    • Skills, lack of tech, lack of tech bounce, added sound effects for wall jumps.
    • Airdodge can now snap to the platform on the move and from the side to the platform.
      • Previously, it only snapped to the platform during the first two frames.
    • The straight horizontal air dodge snaps down to the platform up to 8 pixels below at startup.
    • After being parried, it is no longer possible to get through the platform during a pause.
    • Bug Fix: The invincibility of wall technology is no longer delayed by one frame.
    • The bottom blast zone is now 40px lower when the player is not hit stun (or when the hit stun is moving up).
  • The lower blast zone is now 64px lower than the projectile.
    • Affects only Etalus Fspecial, Kragg Rock, SK Rock, and Mobile Gear.
  • Fixed a rounding error in the purple kill effect calculation that causes pixel-perfect false positives.
  • The knockback angle after DI is now rounded to an integer value
    • Prevents the purple kill effect from giving false positives due to non-integer angles.
  • Maximum camera speed when moving away from the default position: 4> 7.
  • Camera acceleration when moving away from the default position: 0.2> 0.5.
  • A 100px buffer zone has been added to the camera before returning to the default position when the character is offstage
    • This allows the camera to better track the character behind the scenes and reduce the camera’s jerkiness when the character is moving around near the shelves.
  • Double taps on the keyboard now work with tap jumps.

Zetter Burn

    • Paid Nspecial knockback scaling: .4> .3
      • The buff from the previous patch is a bit stronger than intended.
    • Special multi-hit angle flipper: 1> 2
      • The interval between last hits is less important, so multi-hits are now pulled inward for more consistent links.


  • Sourspot Utilt Damage: 3> 4.
  • You can now cancel the Fair recovery window with a wall jump.
  • Bare Sweet Spot Knockback Scaling: .75> .9.
  • Bare Sweet Spot Knockback Angle: 361> 45.
    • The grounded enemy angle 40 is no longer there.
  • Dair’s first three hits can no longer generate a purple kill effect.
  • Maximum vertical velocity of special bubbles: 5> 4.
    • They still reach the top of ToH’s top platform.


  • Nair end lag reduced from 12> 10 on hit (18> 15 on whiff)
    • This is between values ​​before 1.4.25 and values ​​after 1.4.25.


  • Ustrong Sweet Spot Hit Lockout: 10> 20.
    • This prevents Crag’s own rock debris from interfering with his Eustrong knockback.
  • Pillars no longer break when reaching ground level, unless both sides of the pillar are in contact with the ground.
  • Pillar snaps the player to the top of Pillar when it reaches its final height.
    • This allows crouching on a rising pillar to be consistent when landing on a pillar. This does not affect situations where you do not CC the columns.

Force Burn

  • Fstrong hit 1 hit stun modifier: x1.0> x1.5
    • Usually, about 6 frames of hit stuns are added to improve links with enemies in the air.
  • Ustrong Hit 2 Startup: 6> 4
    • Addresses an issue where an opponent can parry a second hit without canceling the first hit.
  • The clone will use the pre-determined recovery tactics again.


    • Dash attack hits one active frame: 4> 6
      • Reduces inactive frames between hits.
    • Lily can no longer bash while stunned.



  • You can no longer cancel Uspecial’s hit poses in Airdge.
  • Broken Fspecial projectiles no longer create hitboxes when landing.

Ori and the Blind

  • It is no longer possible to defeat the stunned Lily.
  • Maximum distance adjusted to bash the grounded mines of Lily and Eliana
    • Ori will not be able to bash these objects from very long distances.


  • Dstrong Sweet Spot Base Knockback: 10> 9.
  • Dstrong Sweet Spot Knockback Scaling: 1.3> 1.25.


  • A successful Dspecial counter restores her double jump.
  • Successful Dspecial counters will no longer lose invincibility when they run out of parry invincibility.
  • The plasma field properly destroys the Sylvanos jab special projectile.


  • I removed the Uair1 angle flipper.
    • This will improve the Uair link when you move a little forward and hit behind the attack.
  • Uair 2 damage: 3> 5 (total movement damage: 6> 8).
  • Double jumps and air dodge are restored one frame earlier when they spawn in Uspecial.


  • You can now hover with the short hop button.
    • Hovering is only a short time, as pressing and holding the short hop button has no effect.
  • Ground Friction: 1.0> 0.65 (to buff her running parry).
  • Using rocks while being thrown by another attack will no longer cause the game to crash.
  • Uspecial’s invincibility begins as soon as she ejects from the mecha (one frame earlier than before).
  • Hitting in frame 1 of landing after Uspecial will properly restore the stats in the mecha (weight, wall jump speed, heartbox size).

Shovel knight

    • Attack Gem Multiplier: 15x damage> 17x damage.
    • Jab knockback angle: 361> 60.
    • Nia knockback angle: 361> 45.
    • Fixed a bug where you could parry a hitbox that blocks Dair’s projectiles.
    • Bug Fix: Utilt’s collision circle no longer expands when it detects a collision with a crag pillar.
    • Dtilt hit 2 knockback: 7 + .4> 8 + .5.
    • Uair’s body hitbox is 50px lower than the propeller hitbox. You can only hit enemies that are grounded and disappear on the last hit.
  • DStrong has an eight-frame protracted sour spot after the last hitbox.
    • Due to the shorter end lag window, Shovel Knight can take action on the whif three frames faster (timing is the same for hits).
  • Special ascending hits 1 and 2: 7 + .4 at 60 degrees> 10 + .3 at 65 degrees.
  • The special ascending hit 2BKB decays from 10> 7.
  • If the move hits someone, Uspecial’s recovery frame will be reduced to 1/4.
  • Uspecial can no longer recover resources before landing.
  • Golden fish value: 750> 500.

Switch bug fixes and improvements
  • Frame skip has been added to the switchnet code. This can reduce the amount of matches that run consistently slower than 60 FPS on the switch.
  • Input delays have been reduced by one frame for connections greater than 48 pings.
  • The Caesar buddy will remain properly unlocked.
  • Ranno and Clairen milestone rewards are no longer exchanged.
  • Players can now create friends-only lobbies on Switch and filter the displayed lobbies.
  • Fixed various crashes due to discord player bug reports (for all sorts of reasons, from gameplay interactions to controller disconnections).
  • Story mode completions are now saved correctly.
  • The default control schemes for handheld mode, Joy-Con pairs, and the entire SwitchPro controller have been adjusted.
  • Various UI and controller fixes have been added to support the GameCube controller.
  • Fixed crashes and bugs in some tutorials.
  • Addressed some points in the game where players could be soft-locked.
  • The leaderboard is now working properly.


Rivals of Aether update out now (version, patch notes

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