Road 96 is a procedural road trip adventure from the developers behind 11-11: MemoriesRetold • .net

And next year, it will appear on PC.

The acclaimed World War I story adventure 11-11: Digixart, the developer of Memories Retold, introduced for the first time its “crazy and beautiful” procedural road trip game, Road 96.

Road 96 is the story of a journey towards freedom during the long, hot summers of the mid-’90s, crossing the authoritarian state Petria (which gives off the atmosphere of some clear Route 66) trying to reach the border. Depart the player on an adventure to do and start a new life.

“On this dangerous road trip to the border, Digixart explains on Road 96’s newly launched Steam page.” Meet incredible characters and their intertwined stories in an ever-evolving adventure. And discover the secrets. Your decision will change your adventure, the people you meet, and perhaps the world. “

Road 96 announcement trailer.

Subsequent journeys, which appear to be new gatherings with each attempt to escape, are inspired by the films of Tarantino, the Coen brothers, and Bong Joon-ho, and are performed with 90’s hits. Digixart promises a fusion of “behavior, exploration, meditative depression, encounters with humans, wacky situations” along the way.

Not to mention the structurally ambitious assumptions, it’s certainly intriguing, and the announcement trailer makes the whole look great. So far, Road 96 (not the first road trip adventure announced at the Game Awards last night) is currently confirmed on PC and will be released in 2021.


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