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Robert Huth, who won the Premier League three times, said he wanted to “shake” the German midfielder because he had blown up Kai Havertz and felt his body language was poor.

After Chelsea completed the £ 72m transfer from Bayer Leverkusen to Stamford Bridge in the summer, much hope came for Chelsea’s summer signing.

The 21-year-old is poor so far, but has scored only once in 16 Premier League games. Havertz’s battle coincided with a shocking run from Chelsea. Chelsea have slipped off the Premier League table, losing five of the last eight games.

Hughes, who won two titles while spelling in the club, criticized Havertz, claiming that he sometimes didn’t seem to be “distressed.”

“Even if he says he needs to be the main guy, that’s all fine, but he’s in a big club and he has to do it himself. It’s time to shine,” Hughes said at the stadium. I told Astro.

“I don’t like his body language at all, he looks a little lighter. It’s the first year, but it doesn’t seem to bother me.

“He lost the ball, let it go, and can’t get it back. It’s a difficult time to enter without fans, but you just want to swing him.

‘We once had [Riyad] Mahrez in the changing room [at Leicester] He got much better, but the team took care of him by saying, “You can’t do just one side of it or 10 minutes of the game.”

“Chelsea may lack an internal leader in which the conversation takes place. It’s not always a good conversation to speak when performance is poor, but it must happen.

“He needs someone to tell him what it takes to play in the Premier League. Maybe the whole changing room is a little too nice.”

“Werner got off to a good start,” Hughes added. “I can talk about whether he should play in the middle or in the wing, but in reality he can’t score at this time.

“He has a chance. He gets a position, we saw it earlier in the striker, he needs a goal and one of those stages where his confidence is built I’m here.

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Robert Huth accuses Kai Havertz and evaluates Timo Werner Robert Huth accuses Kai Havertz and evaluates Timo Werner

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