Roberto Benigni about Pinocchio’s new reimagination

CS Interview: Roberto Benigni on Matteo Garrone’s Reimagination of Pinocchio

On ComingSoon.net, Oscar winner Roberto Benigni (life is wonderful) About his role as a gepet in Matteo Garrone’s treasured family classic English visionary reimagination PinocchioDebuted on Christmas Day with a limited theater release from a roadside attraction.

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In the film, an old woodcarver doll, Pinocchio (Federico Ierapi), Jeppetto magically revives with the dream of becoming a real boy. Pinocchio easily gets lost and is deceived, kidnapped and chased by bandits in a wonderful world full of imaginative creatures, from giant fish bellies to toy lands and miraculous fields, from one misfortune to another adventure. Roll to.

“This is a really great movie,” said Benini, who described the movie and his Jeppetto character as “faithful” and “faithful to the book.” The actor shared a deep love for the project and excitement for the next release in the United States, and the audience said, “There’s something really special and really beautiful in the movie, so you’ll love it.”

“It’s very interesting,” Benini added. “It’s a wonderful doll that wants to be happy.”

Benini also talked about the gap between his last two film projects in his previous film. Amore in Rome It premiered in 2012. “I like to do what I really like when I appear in movies, especially if I like screenplays. But I like playing on stage. I toured the world with Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri. I did a lot of TV in Italy. A lot of things. “

When asked if he had ever considered adaptation Divine Comedy Benini appeared in the movie and revealed that he had received many offers, including “Netflix movies,” but declined. “Number. This is a masterpiece. It’s a masterpiece thanks to language, poetry, and rhyme … I decided it wasn’t a good idea.”

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Garone’s rich mystery and wonder world premiered at the 2020 Berlin Film Festival. Garone (Dogman, Story story, Gomorrah) Co-authored the script with Massimo Ceccherini. Producers are Matteo Garrone of Archimede, Jean and Anne Lore Labadie of Le Pacte, Jeremy Thomas of Recorded Picture Company, and Paolo Del Brocco of Rai Cinema. Executive producers are Alessio Lazzareschi, Peter Watson and Marie-Gabrielle Stewart.

One of the most beloved children’s literature classics in the world, Pinocchio From the original 1883 novel by Carlo Collodi, translated into more than 300 languages, it is among the top 50 bestsellers in the world.

Roberto Benigni about Pinocchio’s new reimagination

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