Roblox announces Lil Nas X concert experience

Get ready as Lil Nas X will be virtualized for the first concert experience to be built and performed exclusively at Roblox on November 13-14! Featuring the debut performance of his new single, Grammy-winning artists bring some of his favorite songs to life like never before.

Join us this Friday at 4pm PST for a pre-show with behind-the-scenes footage of the Roblox concert production and a special Q & A session. Once you complete the in-game scavenger hunt, you also have the chance to unlock the Lil Nas X emotes! The pre-show will be followed by three global concert performances starting Saturday at 1:00 pm PST.

The concert venue has opened here!! Jump early and get exclusive Lil Nas X-inspired items for your avatar, including the free Old Town Cowboy Hat! More items will be available for the main event, but they won’t exist forever, so get them now.

These are just a few of the limited edition items available from the Lil Nas X Concert Experience.

This immersive concert experience is the first of its kind at Roblox, featuring Lil Nas X digitally rendered with motion capture performance. This unique celebration represents the next step in a digital music experience and opens the door to great experiences of all kinds.So set your calendar to November 13-14 and keep an eye out for our official twitterYou can find the latest information about the event and exclusive items available on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Roblox Presents the Lil Nas X Concert Experience

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