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Roblox is so lucrative that it attracts professional studios like Gamefam.

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Roblox One of the many quiet giants in the game. Or, if you have teens or children, it may not be that quiet.Long-term user-generated content platform Published in March with a valuation of $ 41.9 billion Mostly thanks to that A large audience of young players.. But the company’s value also comes from community creators who make some of the money players spend on games. And now that business model is so lucrative that it attracts professional studios.

Gamefam is one of those professional development teams. The company was founded two years ago with the goal of applying traditional development techniques to the world of Roblox, which has been successful. Gamefam’s Roblox games generate 50 million monthly visitors and 6-digit monthly revenue. We spoke to Gamefam CEO Joe Ferencz about the How Games Make Money podcast. You can listen to the interview below.

“I started [Gamefam] Two years ago, after seeing Roblox grow for five years, “Ferencz said. “I’ve been in the pop culture business for 20 years. Game Fam is the culmination of a much longer journey in terms of wanting to be a creator and running a creative business.”

Ferencz was part of the deal that brought Hot Wheels to Forza and the Rocket League. But while that was happening, he was on the lookout for Roblox. He also found that while mobile free play was huge and profitable, it was stagnant and solidified in terms of who could succeed in the field.

“So when I saw Roblox launch, I knew it would be the next big platform when it reached a critical mass,” Ferencz said. “So, in 2019, I started Gamefam with the intention of bringing to Roblox the professionalism we’ve come to know throughout the gaming industry.”

The idea behind Gamefam is that we can provide structures and processes that get the most out of Roblox Creator. This means attracting professionals from outside the Roblox community, but it also means deeply embedding the platform’s unique talents.

“I think our unique calling card is a true hybrid of what we call native Robloxian developers,” Ferencz said. “These are incredibly young developers who started playing Roblox when they were 8 or 9 and started making their own games around the age of 15-16. That is, we are Ubisoft, Zynga. , Blizzard, DeNA and other game industry veterans and half of Robloxians. “

And this model works for both the studio and the creators it works with. Gamefam recently started developing a game called Little World, which was made by a trio of Eastern European cousins ​​in college. And those cousins ​​got closer to Gamefam because they hit and didn’t know what to do with it next.

“We have built this reputation on the platform where we have games that are gaining momentum and are the place to come to Gamefam when you don’t know what to do, which is very typical of some of these teams. “.” Said Ferenc. “We plan for you. We help you understand where your game is already monetized and help you monetize it further.”

The original team continues to manage the game, but with the help of Gamefam, Little World has already doubled its weekly revenue.

Currently, Ferencz wants to grow this business model and hopes that Roblox as a platform will empower Gamefam to do just that.


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Roblox is so lucrative that it attracts professional studios like Gamefam. Roblox is so lucrative that it attracts professional studios like Gamefam.

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