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Roblox Opens Metaverse Playground for Vans Shoe Fans

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Roblox Announced the release of Vans world, Interactive Vans Skateboard Metaverse Playground in the gaming world.

Inspired by branded locations such as the House of Vans and other skate destinations, VansWorld is a permanent 3D space where fans can practice ollies and kickflip with friends and try out Vans gear. This is the brand’s first venture. Metaverse, A virtual world universe where everything is interconnected, like the following novel Snow crash When Lady Player One..

If you’re wondering if your brand will appear in the Metaverse, this is a good experiment. Van Roblox has made it clear that it wants to be part of the Metaverse trend and is happy to play the Metaverse host on a platform for user-generated games. It’s easy to see if some of Roblox’s 43 million daily active users think it’s a cool piece. (Roblox speakers will also be welcoming the Metaverse event in January.)

With the launch of this exclusive new experience, Vans is the first brand to combine skateboarding, fashion and the community into one experience. There are four van silhouettes that fans can customize and wear. Created by third-party Roblox developer The Gang Stockholm. I saw it at the demo event.


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Real world mirror

Above: Roblox’s Vans World is clean and dust-free.

Image Credit: Roblox

At a press event, Roblox Vice President of Brand Partnership, Christina Wootton, said at a press event that there were many Vans enthusiasts in the Roblox community and they wanted that experience. The conversation about Vans World began a few years ago, Uten said.

“It was caused by our community’s love for the brand,” she said. “”[Vans] I really heard what works well with Roblox. They thought about their community and how people really want to interact with their brand, “says Uten. “They’re about how to do it in a real way. Props to the game Stockholm team to create such a beautiful experience.”

It features real-life locations such as the House of Vans in London, a skate park under Waterloo Station.

“There’s a cafe that looks a lot like the London venue,” Julia Patkowski, senior manager of global brand digital marketing at Vans, said at a news conference. “They worked really hard to make it happen.”

You can also find size 66 shoes at Vans World. It’s based on what Vans created in the real world.

It actually looks pretty cool, as if you were in a blocky world created just for Vans and skateboard fans. It’s also a walking ad for Vans shoes and other gear. If you’re a fan of buns, you’re going to be part of this world from your own free will, so I’m not going to complain about it.

Metaverse sketch

Above: You can level up as a skateboarder at Roblox’s Vans World.

Image Credit: Roblox

And if that works, it counts as a small step towards the Metaverse.

“We wanted to make it really feel like how Vans World was imagined,” Patkowski said. “We asked ourselves as a brand.’What if we created the world of buns? What would it look like? We’re just starting to come up with ideas for the game.”

Roblox worked with Vans and developer The Gang Stockholm to create Vans World.

“It was inspired by the location of famous vans around the world,” Robin Anderson of Gang Stockholm said at a press event.

Vans has been focusing on skating culture for over 50 years and is an advocate of youth culture with over 2,000 retail stores worldwide. According to Patkowski, he believes there are millions of van enthusiasts who like self-expression and creativity, and they use Roblox.

“As a global brand, we wanted it to resonate with all of our regions,” she said. “Not only something other than California, they could feel like this.” Oh hey, I recognize it from my city. We wanted it to grow as well. So the unique thing about our experience is that it disappears and you forget it, not the moment it comes as a short-lived experience. We hope this will grow with Roblox consumers. We want to know what they are enjoying. I hope it will last for a long time. “

Vans offers promotions like free items for the day. However, consumers can also buy as much gear as they need.

“This experience is for everyone. It has some gameplay elements, but it’s also a place where people can celebrate Van’s fandom,” said Uten. “They can join in with other fans of the brand to express themselves. Dress up avatars, customize skateboards and shoes, express yourself together. Everyone has their own identity so that they can. “

Roblox’s recently enhanced physics layer helps to achieve the true sensation of Vans skating. Skating physics requires vector manipulation and raycasting that would not have been possible without the constant incremental engine improvements at Roblox. All of this is built into services that recreate experiences that many haven’t really seen due to a pandemic.

With the exception of shoes, you can take everything out of your experience and use it with the rest of Roblox. This is one of the indications that the Metaverse still has boundaries.


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Roblox Opens Metaverse Playground for Vans Shoe Fans Roblox Opens Metaverse Playground for Vans Shoe Fans

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