Robocop has acquired a video game in 2023

Today’s Nacon Direct show was a surprise with a brand new RoboCop game. The presentation featured RoboCop: Rogue City’s Quick Rebirth Teaser. RogueCity is currently under development and will be released in 2023. Get a glimpse of the OldDetroit, a reference to the OCP, and the RoboCop leg holster opening. Until revealing his reliable service pistol.

RoboCop: Rogue City promises to be a “new story” based on three RoboCop movies that tell the story of Detroit police officer Alex Murphy and his transformation from an injured police officer to a machine that fights unstoppable crime. I will. Enthusiastic satire of consumerism and excess in the late 1980s, especially the first two RoboCop films, were classics in the genre of science fiction at the time and continue to be cult classics to this day.

However, little information is available about RoboCop: Rogue City. Nacon publishes potentially open world games or FPS games. It was developed by Teyon, the studio responsible for Rambo: The Video Game and Terminator: Resistance.

Neither game was particularly well received at launch, but Terminator: Resistance has developed a passionate fan base since its launch in 2019 and is now enjoying a “very positive” review rating on Steam. I will.

Taeyoung strives to create an experience that is faithful to the source material, similar to the two 80’s action-licensed games created so far, and works with MGM Studios to make it look and feel like a Robocop movie. He says he is confirming.

You’ll have to wait until 2023 to find out if they’ve done it perfectly or if it’s just a glitch. If you want to add it to your wishlist, you’ll be taken to the Steam page.

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