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Rock is a very generous person and I don’t know when Dwayne Klaus will come to town.

The People’s Champion surprised WWE’s longtime employee Harvey Wippleman with a new car. This had a huge impact on Wippleman, and The Rock was happy to talk about the event on Instagram.

Merry Christmas, Bruno πŸŽ…πŸΎ I love you, brothers! 100% crack head free πŸ‘ΉπŸ˜Š

My life (especially teens) was full of the most violent twists and turns. Still, God and the universe have always found a way to get some people into my path that would change the course of my path down.

Meet one of my lifelong friends, Bruno Lauer β€” or I prefer to call him “Downtown Bruno” πŸ˜‰πŸ€ŸπŸΎ

My mother and I were evacuated from the Big Island of Hawaii and sent to Nashville, Tennessee to live with our father.

When I landed in Nashville, I soon realized that I wasn’t going to live with my dad.

Shit happens, the plan changes, and that’s right.

Instead, I said I was going to live with a man named Bruno. At that time, a person who lived in a small room in a place called Alamo Plaza Motel.

Bruno may (and should have) told some children I didn’t know that “I’m not Takin.”

But he didn’t.

He took this punk kid and we became lifelong friends.

Ironically, about nine years later, when I had the infamous “$ 7 Bucks” in my pocket, I started my wrestling career in Memphis, Tennessee. There was no place to live and Bruno took me and rocked me on a trailer. Until you can stand up.

And hell, when I was 15, Bruno gave me the last $ 40, so one night I was able to hustle the crackhead from his car at Honky Tonk in Nashville 😈🀦🏾 ‍♂️

But when I got off the road, there was a hustle and bustle to me as there was a second crack head on the back floor! πŸ‘Ή

15 year old wild age.

Merry Christmas, Bruno, and helped you “buy” my first car, so I thought I could give back and buy a 100% backseat-free car ..

I love you, brothers.

Your kindness and heart – helped change the trajectory of my life.

And when you’re ready to retire from “business,” you just say a word.

I got you covered.

Go to “Downtown” 🀟🏾

Enjoy your new ride and give my love and gratitude to Walls, Mississippi

Harvey Wippleman was there when the young Dwayne Johnson needed it most. He certainly did not forget the kindness Harvey Wippleman showed him. It has been very successful this year.

It’s a pretty incredible video, and Rock tells the story of his early career very lovingly as he and Whippleman walk down a memorable path. All this fell into the Young Rock set.

Locke bought his first car from Crackhead for $ 80 (he gave him only $ 40), and decades later, Locke was able to give back in a big way.

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Rock gives Harvey Wippleman a new car Rock gives Harvey Wippleman a new car

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