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Former WWE Champion Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sent words of encouragement to new WWE Champion Bobby Lashley this week. As mentioned earlier this week, The Rock responded to a tweet by MVP and provided Props to The Hurt Business. The exchange ended with Rashley chime and credit the rock that paved the way. You can read those original comments that came after two fans commented on photos of Rock, Rushley, and Kofi Kingston holding the WWE title belt below.

Rushley’s last tweet the other day said: Without the great, the Almighty may not exist. “

In a previous update, Locke later responded to Rushley’s tweet, telling the CEO of Heart Business to grab a brass ring and run it.

“Thank you for the kind words of my brothers. I am very happy and proud of you. Grab that brass ring and get it all. You know what to do, Champion. Represents. # Allmighty # peopleschamp “, writes Locke.

The exchange eventually ended with a lock response to Rushley. This is a complete replacement-

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Rock responds to Bobby Lashley’s comments Rock responds to Bobby Lashley’s comments

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