Rocket League celebrates its 5th anniversary with a free-to-play summer update

It seems just yesterday that the Rocket League was released on the PlayStation as the PlayStation Plus title. We were overwhelmed by the love (and the number of players) that went out on the field and played a high octane hybrid of driving and football. Five years later, we are now ready to begin the next chapter in the Rocket League. It all starts when it’s free to play this summer!

Rocket League will be available for download and enjoy completely free later this summer, following the biggest update of the game. This update has been overhauled to make it easier to navigate the menu, with key features such as tournaments and challenges. We have a lot to reveal, so stay tuned for more information on updating these features!

Whether you’re playing the Rocket League from day one or just picking it up this year, don’t worry about losing inventory. Your item will follow you for free playable updates. In addition, anyone who has played the Rocket League online before the start of free play will be given the following Legacy status:

  • All Rocket League brand DLC packs released before playing for free
  • “EST (Eastern Standard Time. 20XX inch title showing the first year of playing the Rocket League
  • Over 200 popular items upgraded to “legacy” quality
  • Golden Cosmos Boost
  • Dieci-Oro wheels
  • Huntless player banner

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