Rocket League custom map creators may appear!

Rocket League players in the hit game have asked developer Psyonix for a custom map creator. “Gameplay has stagnated as the game is now free to play,” fans say. “We need a new way to play the game, so we need a Rocket League custom map creator,” they continued.

Is Rocket League Custom Map Creator Good or Bad?

The idea of ​​a custom map creator is nothing new. Many games have this kind of functionality. Among the big names in the game, Fortnite and Minecraft have this kind of functionality. There are also some Mario makers for overwatches and consoles. So does this mean all the good things for Rocket League custom map creators? Let’s look at the variables.

Good things

Different people have different ideas. The creative mode of the game frees people’s creativity and allows them to express their ideas in all sorts of unique ways. Take Mario Maker as an example. The game is basically an obstacle course that you have to run and jump over. However, with Mario Maker, you can add deeper levels of challenges by turning them into puzzles. Others have made it a difficult and frustrating challenge, but it only makes success even sweeter!

Then some people made things like pianos and more random courses. These did not exist in the original game. These enthusiastic players have created something that does not go beyond the hearts of developers. That is the power of creative mode!

With Fortnite, players have more opportunities to make money than shared self-expression. If other players like their island, they choose to sponsor the creator. Again, this is just a side bonus for creators who just want to share their ideas with others.

bad person

Sandbox games are good. Freedom allows players to do their own thing and set their own goals. It suits many players well. But for other types of players, they want a little more guide hands, and this kind of game doesn’t go well with them. Some others want to play and tell the story, and that’s the end of the experience they want.

What does this say about Rocket League custom map creators?

Well, that just means that not everyone is happy with the Rocket League Custom Map Creator. You can’t please everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can balance. That is the only thing we can hope for.

Players want the ability to breathe fresh air into what they think gameplay is stagnant. Does that mean developers should listen? Maybe.

The fact of the matter is that there is no correct answer to that question. Of course, this kind of model can be very successful. See how popular OSRS is after all these years. They built the game through player voting on the content of the next update.

Then there was another game that messed up customer feedback. In fact, the feedback didn’t give these games a chance and was like “ruining” it for everyone else. Game development is difficult.

It’s a part of Mish Mash. There are what developers want to do, what publishers want to do, and especially the expectations of players. Developers need to balance all these desires and expectations in order to create a “good” game. If any of them collide with each other, the game will be confused and unpopular.


Rocket League custom map creators can come back to life with stagnant gameplay, but that doesn’t mean it will satisfy everyone. It will ease your boredom for now, but what about the future? If Psyonix does not add new content, Rocket League Custom Maps will not be able to support the game for a long time. There must be a balance between player-created content and developer-created content.

This is a good idea, but only if it is handled correctly. Players may want something that looks good but can ruin the game if implemented. Developers should carefully examine the potential effects of new features. From there, they need to decide whether to implement it.

When it comes to Rocket League custom map creators, that’s not an exaggeration. But who knows what the future holds? Maybe the developer answers or it’s completely different.

Still, enjoy the Rocket League!

A Rocket League Custom Map Creator Might be Coming!

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