Rocket League Frostyfest and the first college Rocket League wildcards begin today

The Rocket League Frostyfest is back today with an in-game event until January 4, 2021 with challenges and three limited-time modes. Players can unlock Frostyfest-themed items such as Holiday Bow Toppers, Holiday Hearth Wheels, and Christmas Light Animation Decals by completing the Event Challenge. In addition, Mr. Floeberg antennas will be free at the item shop throughout the event.

The first limited-time mode is a new winter breakaway with a twist on the snowy slowback stadium’s Snow Day mode. Winter Breakaway is followed by Spike Rush and 2v2 Heatseeker (both modes are played in a snow-covered arena). The schedule for the limited time mode is as follows.

  • December 14: Frostyfest begins with Winter Breakaway
  • December 21: Spike Crash is back
  • December 28: Heat Seeker returns home
  • January 4: Frostyfest ends

For more information on Frosty Fest, please visit the official web page.

Also, the University Rocket League (CRL) is nearing its end in the fall of 2020, with teams from the University of Akron, Northwood University, University of Missouri, and University of North Texas punching tickets to the CRL National Championship on January 7. I will. And on the 8th of 2021.

However, 16 college teams still have the opportunity to fill the last four sports of the CRL National Championship with the first ever CRL wildcards. The CRL Wild Cards, which will be held today and tomorrow, will feature East-West conferences (8 teams each), with the top two teams from each conference advancing to the CRL National Championship.

Read the latest blog for more information on the event and which college teams are competing. Fans will be able to watch the CRL Wildcard on the Rocket League’s official Twitch channel starting today and tomorrow at 8 pm EST. The pre-show has already begun.

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