Rocket League Frostyfest is now live

Get ready to relax Rocket leagueThe coolest in-game event, Frosty Fest!Beginners Rocket league Since its free-to-play launch, Frosty Fest has been an annual celebration in-game event, bringing good news, themed items, and now a limited-time mode!

log in Rocket league Check out the “Nice List” of event challenges to unlock winter items such as Holiday Bow Toppers, Holiday Hearth Wheels and even new Christmas light animated decals. When you complete the challenge, you will also receive a golden gift to unlock items from the past series! It’s the season to give it, so I wanted to give it for free through Frostyfest. Request Mr. Floeberg Snowman Antenna for free at the Item Shop during the event and look for additional festive items while you’re there!

Plus, get your snow tires ready in three limited-time modes, including the new Winter Breakaway! As the snow hit the slowback stadium for the first time, we were ready to drop the puck for this twist in hockey-like Snow Day mode. Perform one-time and lap-around goals in this hockey rink-like arena! Winter Breakaway is currently playable until December 21st, followed by Spike Rush in a snow-covered variant of Throwback Stadium, followed by 2v2 Heatseeker in other snow-covered arenas. Check out the full schedule of Frostyfest below.

  • December 14th: Frostyfest begins with Winter Breakaway
  • December 21: Spy crash returns
  • December 28: Heat seeker returns
  • January 4th: End of Frosty Fest

Enjoy the end of 2020 with the last in-game event of the year. Pick up hot cocoa, sit by the fire and have a party throughout Frostyfest!

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Rocket League’s Frosty Fest is Now Live

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