Rocket League has NFL decals

The Rocket League will be getting official NFL decals for all 32 teams starting December 17th tomorrow. Psyonix announced the news on its official Twitter account.

The decal will place the logo on the hood of each car, along with a special color palette that matches each team. You can also get the Washington Football Team logo, which is the temporary team name for a club in Washington, DC. The team changed its name from Washington Redskins before the 2020 season due to fan backlash.

“The NFL Fan Pack comes with sophisticated new octane decals for all 32 NFL teams,” the studio wrote on its official website. “Check them out in the slideshow below! Packs can be purchased in-game for 800 credits until December 28th. Look for packs as your own tab in the item shop.”

The NFL is nearing the end of the normal season, despite pandemic issues. The organization recently partnered with Epic Games to release cosmetics for several different players and referees on Fortnite, including various emotes.

The Rocket League’s annual holiday event, Frostyfest, has also become live in-game. A limited-time winter breakaway mode has been added, replacing Spy Crash on December 21st and 2v2 Heat Seeker on December 28th. All of these modes are played in the Snow Arena.

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