Rocket League Season 2 brings players national anthems, neon lights and new Rocket Passes this month

The Rocket League became free to play in September, and the five-year-old game “Season 1” has begun. Currently, developer Psyonix is ​​making up for the lost time and will start Season 2 on December 9th. This season’s theme is music, and the game adds a new track from EDM artist Kaskade to the game’s soundtrack.

The first Flip Reset for Kaskade’s new track is now available. The update will be followed by more tracks.

In addition to the new track, the player can also select “Player Anthem” from the soundtrack. This means that every time they score a goal, their song will be played, and after a good goal you can really immerse yourself in your achievements. Inspired by EDM, all players also have access to a new arena called Neon Field, which is covered in cool light.

Rocket Labs is back in Season 2 as a casual LTM playlist. In this mode, you can try out some experimental gameplay styles, just as you did in the early days of the Rocket League. It should be interesting to see the ideas that Psyonix is ​​currently testing.

A new rocket path has also been introduced, including over 70 layers of unlockable content. Your R3 MX car will be unlocked as soon as you get the premium version of your pass. The higher your rank, the more cars, decals, wheels, explosions and more will be unlocked. Check out the entire Season 2 Rocket Pass unlock list now.

Rocket League is free to play on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and PS5 and Xbox Series X / S via backward compatibility. This game is also receiving a lot of support in next-generation systems.

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