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Ben Rhodes (41) and Brandon Jones (33) will compete in a late-model stock car race at the Rockingham Speedway in 2013. The return to the race at the Rockingham Speedway has been postponed from March 6th to October 30th. (Photo by Adam Fenwick)

Rockingham, NC – The return of the race to the Rockingham Speedway, NC will have to wait a bit longer.

Following two tire tests on a 1.017-mile asphalt oval featuring Timothy Peters, Rainrigs and Jared Flyer, regulars on the CARS Late Model Stock Tour in the last two weeks, track officials will race on the track on Thursday. Announced that it has moved from March 6th. Until October 30th.

The surface of the abrasive Rockingham Speedway was found to be a bit too abrasive during tire testing, so CARS tour officials listed in the latest test on Tuesday to improve tire wear. I attached the restrictor plate.

However, event promoters Mike Studder and Charlie Hansen said in a joint statement Thursday that instead of using restrictor plates, Fuscher tires will develop new tires that work better on the surface of the Rockingham Speedway. I decided to ask.

The CARS Late Model Stock Tour event will be the first race of all sorts to take place at the Rockingham Speedway Oval since the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series event on the track on April 13, 2013.

The following is a statement by Stodder and Hansen regarding the postponement.

“We have had a lot of discussions with everyone involved in the last few days since we finished our second tire test on Tuesday, December 22nd. To move forward in the best interests of our competitors and fans. The best way to do this has been decided. Develop new tires for rocking gum surfaces.

“If we move forward in the current state in March, we may have to change tires twice during the 75 lap race. This is not good from a cost standpoint or for fans. Good show Look. We are dedicated to providing a great experience for both athletes and race fans!

“That said, we postponed the show on March 6th and rescheduled it on Saturday, October 30th. By moving this date, we’re working closely with Hoosier Tire and CAR Tour to make this new show You will have the time you need to develop and test your tire compound. You need to do this. It is important to have tires not only in this race, but also in future races in Rockingham. The safety of the people and the enjoyment of the event by the fans are always a priority.

“I think we’re all disappointed that we have to wait a little longer to see the race at Rockingham, but this short delay will make things better overall for the future of this prestigious facility. Let’s do it.

“We would like to thank Dan Lovenheim and the entire Rockingham Properties LLC team for their dedication and flexibility to make this event a reality. Details such as races, practice days and ticket sales will be announced in midsummer.

“I would like to thank the overwhelming reaction to bring the race back to Rockingham. It was wonderful. Thank you very much for your kind words and support.”

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Rockingham CARS Tour Race Moves in October Rockingham CARS Tour Race Moves in October

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