Rockstars are excited Red Dead Online is accepted by all types of players

Grand Theft Auto V has shown everything that the online part of the game can prove to be very beneficial to developers. Needless to say, it’s also a lot of fun for players. Perhaps that’s why Red Dead Redemption 2 followed Red Dead Online, albeit after its launch. But rock stars seem to be surprised by the number of fans who accepted the spin-off. And how did they all choose to enjoy the world?

Because if you take two players, they must not play the same way. If you take 20, you can probably say the same thing. And then the next 200 …

This is strange given that Grand Theft Auto Online almost encourages common types of behavior among residents. It’s a lifestyle like “raining” and “filling the garage with a very fast car”. Still, by comparison, Red Dead Online has allowed players to take over their identities. If they want to be true cowboys (and gals), they can – ride the trails, eat beans and spend their days. But if they want to be the next dog-the-bounty hunter, or the fastest finger in the west, the game does.

In fact, whether you want to be better or worse, you will find a place to call your home here. Also, no particular play style can beat any other style.

This creativity was praised by the development team in the 1800s, who admitted that they wanted to reproduce the Wild West as accurately as possible. And in doing so, it provides a world of opportunity for those who ride the sunset. Tarek Hamad, Director of Design and Production at Rockstar, told GameSpot:

“We’re using Red Dead Online to provide every aspect of what it’s like to live in the American frontier in the late 1800s, so we offer a variety of options to create the experience players want in the world. It offers.

“By designing this way, there is room for players of all kinds.

“At the same time, we see most of the community enjoying some of the more lonely and calm pursuits offered. We want to live as peaceful as hunters, caring for camps. Want to, or become a fast-growing business owner, or the world from villains. “

Still, it doesn’t seem like they expected it to be almost Sims-like in its implementation. Also, I didn’t expect gamers to have such a mundane and meditative experience from something that is essentially an adventure game. But I think it tells a lot about their technical talent, and our fans in general. So be careful with the game maker. You don’t have to spoon a linear story. Please provide a world that you can open up yourself.

Source: GameSpot

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Rockstar Are Thrilled Red Dead Online Has Been Embraced By All Types Of Players

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