Rocksteady releases 5-year-old Batman: Arkham Knight update • .net

Unlock two weird outfits.

Five years have passed since Rocksteady’s last big Batman game, and today we have a new update.

Download the patch and you’ll have access to two slightly weird skins from The Dark Knight (Zur En ArrhBatman and AnimeBatman).

Playing with WBplay, an online account service founded by publisher Warner Bros., both of these were previously unlocked, but are now on the road to Dodo. No tears were lost about it, but it meant that these skins were left in limbo.

Rocksteady today announced an update on Twitter as “a small gift just in time for the holiday season.”

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Entering 2021, the next Batman game will come from Batman Arkham Orange Studio WB Game Montreal. This project, called Gotham Knights, records the future of the city of Batman after the apparent death of a hated Crusaders. Instead, play as a companion to Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood and try to defeat a criminal group named Court of Owls. It is set to the new non-Arkham berth continuity.

Looking further into the future, Rocksteady will finally return when he kills Suicide Squad: Justice League in 2022. It’s Metropolis, but set in Arkham Bath. As you can imagine, it also includes fighting a Brainiac-controlled Superman starring a suicide squad led by Harley Quinn.


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