“Rocky IV Ivan Drago may get his own spin-off movie

Thirty-five years after it was released in theaters, one of Hollywood’s most popular movies is … Rocky IV?? Just a few weeks after the release of the new director’s cut for the movie in theaters and home videos, Rocky IVStars now say there is talk of spinning off one of the franchise’s main characters into his own movie.I know that Rocky The movies are all about keeping distance, but this is really extreme.

The character in question is Ivan Drago, a brutal Russian boxer who is the opponent of the movie Rocky Balboa. Drago has become a groundbreaking role for Dolph Lundgren, a chemical engineer and model before entering the acting business.Even before Rocky IV Director’s Cut, Landgren replayed his role in Drago in 2018 Creed II, Drago’s son fought Michael B. Jordan’s Adnis Creed and settled the old family’s score.

Landgren had a pretty important supporting role in the movie, he said Hollywood ReporterThat part was originally intended to be even larger and would include the battle between the old Drago played by Sylvester Stallone and his old enemy Rocky. The scene was cut, but Lundgren now says it can be revived as part of the Drago spin-off movie.He said THR.. ..

I thought it was a good moment. It was also a fan moment.It was a bit of a quarrel, so I thought it worked … but the director [Steven Caple Jr.] And MGM felt it was irrelevant and didn’t add anything. By the way, I think there is a story about spinning off Drago with MGM. So you might get more of it.

Frankly, the only Drago The spin-off I need is an adaptation of the legendary novel Drago: On the mountain we stand on,Unauthorized Rocky IV A sequel to the mysterious novelist Todd Neu. The history of this book and the search for Neu have been the subject of a very interesting podcast for several years. Find Drago You should definitely hear.

I don’t know how likely it is that Drago will spin off in 2021, but director’s cut Rocky IV, Rocky vs Drago. It’s definitely an interesting countermeasure against the movie version. Now available digitally.

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“Rocky IV Ivan Drago may get his own spin-off movie

https://screencrush.com/ivan-drago-spinoff-movie/ “Rocky IV Ivan Drago may get his own spin-off movie

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