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Hope was never too high. But now that Roger Federer’s confiscation at the Australian Open has become a reality, discussions have begun on how 2021 will develop for the Basel champions. There is no clear support for this prediction, but a season that can reasonably represent the final round of the carousel.

By the time Federer returns to the field, his last official match, the Australian Open 2020 semifinals, will certainly be defeated by Novak Djokovic for more than a year. Since then, his two surgeries on his right knee and the problematic year nearing the end have not been able to recover.

The connection between Federer and Melbourne’s Grand Slam is not as symbolic as the link between the Swiss champion and Wimbledon, but it is still deep. He missed after 23 consecutive appearances, the first two of which were limited to the 1998 Junior Tournament (semi-finalist) and the 1999 qualifying (not passed).

Since then, he has participated in the main draw 21 times and has achieved 6 successes, the last of which is 2018. “I hope to see him here again in 2022,” reads a note from tennis Australia, who is optimistic. Among Roger Federer’s many fans is Alex Corretha, a former French Open finalist.

The Spaniards couldn’t hide his feelings while Federer was talking to Eurosport UK about his imminent return to the court at the 2021 Australian Open. It was former world No. 4 Tim Henman who accompanied Corretha in chat. He also sounded very excited about Roger Federer’s resumption of activity next year.

The British also called Federer the “biggest draw card” for tennis.

Henman pays homage to Roger Federer

“Yes, it’s huge, I still think Roger Federer is the biggest draw card in our sport,” said Tim Henman.

“He hasn’t acted for a long time, so he knows that his fingers have crossed. He’s undergoing a rehab process. But he’s eager to get back there, and his fingers do everything. It’s really exciting when you hear that you’ve crossed. You can follow Wimbledon and the Olympic plans. “

Roger Federer did not keep his desire to win the Olympic gold medal in the singles category secret. The Swiss maestro had to win the silver medal, closest to winning the 2012 London Olympics. Unlike many, 20 Grand Slam winners from Switzerland have participated in four Olympics.

His quest for gold medals began as an 18-year-old teenager at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Still, my passion for winning medals was the same as it is today. He reached the semi-finals on his first run of the tournament. However, he failed to win a medal because he lost twice in a row.

After four years, he returned to the 2004 Athens Olympics. Unfortunately, the winner of the 103 ATP title crashed in the second round of the event. Federer’s first Olympic glory came at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He won a gold medal in doubles with his compatriot friend Stan Wawrinka.

His first medal in singles came at the next Olympics in London. Unfortunately, Andy did not give him a gold medal because he performed once in a lifetime.

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“Roger Federer has been inactive for a long time …” says former Top 5 “Roger Federer has been inactive for a long time …” says former Top 5

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