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Stefanos Tsitsipas won the decisive consecration at the Australian Open 2019 and took away the satisfaction of eliminating defending champion Roger Federer in the 16th round. The Greeks repeatedly prevented the Basel phenomenon at the ATP Finals of the same year. Return to the Masters final.

Athens champions simply lack the acuity in Grand Slams that couldn’t make it to the semifinals. The last-in chronological order-came to the Australian Open 2021 and showed a special feeling in the field of Melbourne Park.

Stephanos, who returned two sets behind Rafael Nadal in the quarter-finals, surrendered very sharply to Daniil Medvedev in the semi-finals. “Tsitsi” paid for Rapha’s accumulated mental and physical fatigue two days ago, even though the Greek talent refused to seek excuses by giving credit to the wild Russians. There is a possibility.

In a recent interview with, Apostros’ son expressed all his praise for the Big Three, who, despite his age, are still at the top of men’s tennis.

Tsitsipas about his passion for Roger Federer

“In my eyes Roger Federer did a great job playing tennis,” said Stefanos Tsitsipas.

“It wasn’t done by Novak Djokovic, but for me Federer was always the idol I grew up in. I don’t think Djokovic has achieved it in the last seven to eight years. It seems that it has become.

According to Tsitsipas, the next generation of players will be able to take the game to a higher level than Novak Djokovic. When completely immersed, the Greeks pointed out how far Djokovic himself was. Although it was his early finished product, hard work and dedication allowed him to become an almost perfect player today.

“If any of us take the sport more seriously, he may also improve Novak Djokovic’s level,” Tsitsipas said. “I saw (Djokovic) make a big change in 2011 and become a completely different player, a player that no one can win. He was invincible!

Looking back on his performance at the Australian Open 2021, Tsitsipas was sent off in this year’s semifinals. During his journey, he won an impressive victory over Rafael Nadal. In the match, he returned from the two sets and finally sealed the match in his favor.

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“Roger Federer in my eyes did a great job in tennis,” says the Top 10. “Roger Federer in my eyes did a great job in tennis,” says the Top 10.

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