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Rafael Nadal’s twelfth victory at Roland Garros suddenly rekindled the debate related to the greatest in history. After missing a trip to the United States, the Mallorca phenomenon won the 13th Grand Slam in Paris in his incredible career (and without even giving up on the set).

Thanks to its success, the 34-year-old Spaniard has recorded a chase that lasted more than a decade, rivaling the record-breaking record of his eternal rival Roger Federer’s 20 Grand Slam titles. After playing only one official tournament, the Australian Open, in 2020, the Swiss double-operated on their right knee, marking the end of the season well before.

The eight-time Wimbledon champion recently announced his confiscation in Melbourne in 2021 and hopes to bring him back for his latest major goals of the Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics. In an interview with Russian website Go Tennis, former WTA star Nadia Petrova confessed that Federer was a Big 3 favorite.

Petrois about his passion for Roger Federer

“For me, Roger Federer is still number one. In terms of style, ability to play well in every way. If I’m not wrong, he has won the most tournament wins, except for the majors. Masu (in the Big 3).

And Roger Federer has been the number one in the world for years, “said Nadia Petrova. “At the same time, Nadal’s achievement (13 titles at the French Open) is unlikely to be repeated by anyone. Of course, this is incomprehensible in my head.

In addition, he is younger than Roger Federer and can overtake him in the number of final titles in Grand Slam tournaments. But that would be another conversation. Roger Federer is perfect for me, “she added. Recently, Swiss and Olympic gold medalist Marc Rosset commented on the lack of Roger at the beginning of the season, saying, “Should I be afraid of a lack of matches? I can’t believe it.

Remember that we are having a strange year with few tournaments. There is an additional mini ATP Cup and the Australian Open. Therefore, at the beginning of the 2021 season, Roger will have one or two more tournaments than any other tournament. “

Martin also gave an example of Del Potro when he was on the sidelines for a long time and made a comeback. He states: “I saw Del Potro come back for the first time in a while and quickly become competitive. When I’m ready, I’m ready and the game starts.”

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“Roger Federer is still number one in terms of …” says a former WTA star. “Roger Federer is still number one in terms of …” says a former WTA star.

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