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World No. 3 Alexander Zverev has confirmed that he will face Acapulco next year as he hopes to keep the title at the event. The 24-year-old Zverev won his first Acapulco title earlier this year after defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Acapulco final.

Zverev had enjoyed a good performance at Acapulco in the past, but he was only able to attend the event this year. Zverev finished second in the event a year after reaching the Acapulco semi-finals in 2018.

In a video posted on the tournament’s Twitter account, Zverev said he was a special success at Acapulco this year and hopes that the next tournament will be even more special. “See, I won at all levels except the slums.

That’s the only thing I’m missing and I’ll do everything I can to change the next season. I’m already looking forward to 2022 because I know there’s still room for improvement, “Zverev told the sports club after winning the ATP Finals.

The Teutons were proposed to be Grand Slam champions by the world’s number one Novak Djokovic. “Of course we want to win each other, but there is mutual respect and gratitude that is more important than winning or losing.

That’s what I always had in Sasha. I’m really grateful, “Djokovic said. “I wish you all the best of luck. He is a great man and a great tennis player. I am confident he will soon be a Grand Slam champion.”

Roger Federer is determined to return to action, but there are many questions about how the Swiss will behave if he manages to make another comeback.

Federer is back on tour this year

Seven-time Grand Slam champion Mats Wilander feels “possible” for Roger Federer to return to the tour after a recent knee surgery.

“I think the bigger problem for me is that these guys are really, really better. (Alexander) Zverev and (Daniil) Medvedev are the guys who are pushing and they are huge tennis players. I’m playing a game, “he said. Zverev or Medvedev’s serve.

Wilander also spoke with Eurosport, saying Roger Federer is likely to work on a reduced low-intensity schedule next season. “I don’t think Roger Federer will play too much. It’s a tour match,” he said.

“He realizes he still has a chance to win-probably not a grand slam, not a final-but three or four matches. It’s worth returning to his heart. think.”

– Tennis Sports

“Roger Federer realizes he still has a chance …” says the legend. “Roger Federer realizes he still has a chance …” says the legend.

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