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A few hours after returning to the tennis court, Roger Federer I wanted to talk to the fans by posting videos and photos of his departure to Doha. Tennis players are no longer accustomed to life as an athlete and wanted to convey their feelings to everyone.

Here’s his message in the video before leaving for Doha: “I’m ready to take off. It’s close by. It’s strange. I haven’t participated in the tournament for over a year. Thank you. Wait for me and wait for your support and see you soon. Let’s take care of yourself! ”Many people were hoping for a return to the Australian Open, but Federer decided to avoid a tournament with great pressure and decided to resume from the Doha tournament. Did.

If positive, Federer will also play an ATP tournament in Dubai scheduled for the following week. The program for this season is unknown, but Federer has already announced that he will abandon the Masters 1000 in Miami (which will result in losing 1000 points in the ATP rankings), and this season’s goal is especially for the Wimbledon tournament. it’s Tokyo. The 2021 Olympics.

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Roger Federer’s Social Media Message Roger Federer’s Social Media Message

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