Rogue Company Releases Largest Event and New Map Ever

First Watch Games has released a “Weapon Dealer” update for third-person shooters Rogue Company – Currently, over 20 million players worldwide are enjoying it on all major platforms.

Weapon dealer event

All rogues Rogue Company’s New event! Save a day, look good, get rewarded and complete dozens of missions.

The Arms Dealer event allows all players to choose which missions to undertake during the match. The mission will unship cosmetic items such as profile banners, emotes, and weapon wraps for free.

In addition, exclusive missions and shipments can be unlocked with Rogue Bucks. They provide access to even more prestigious rewards, such as Gl1tch’s new outfit: Neon Override.

The most elite Rogue also gets a medic costume for the Special Reserve – Saints, which is awarded for completing all missions.

Rooftop map

At the top of the Paradise Hotel is a brand new map: the rooftop. Enjoy the view, but don’t let it distract you from your mission.

Rogues can dive into fierce close quarters with this map specially designed for 2v2 skirmish combat, including the popular limited-time mode Wingman.

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Rogue Company Releases Largest Event to Date & New Map

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