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Rogue Legacy 2 is finally here. Well, some kind. It’s coming out in Early Access, and even this primitive form still shines as a shameless and brutal roguelike that would die every few minutes if you weren’t careful.

In fact, even if you’re cautious, there’s little room for wriggle here, as it kills you fairly regularly. Thankfully, here are some tips and tricks for Rogue Legacy 2.

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Rogue Legacy 2 Tips and Tips

Rogue Legacy 2 is already shaped to be an excellent sequel to a great game. However, even if you like the original, it may have been a while since you got the pigeons right. Well, that’s where we come in. Tighten the straps and get ready to learn Quick Fire lessons.

You are going to die so much

Seriously, roguelikes are well-known for their desire to constantly kill you, but roguelikes take it to a whole new level. The first dozens of runs will probably last within minutes. It can be frustrating, but the best way to see it is that each should lead you to a few more upgrades, which will help later.

Pay attention to your child

Each time you die you will get a choice of 3 characters. Each of these has a set of abilities, classes, and traits. Pay attention to all of this and be sure to choose the one that suits you best. Sometimes the difference between the two warriors is that one has ridiculous strength and the other doesn’t look very good.

Choose new characteristics

As for the characteristics, it is recommended to choose one that you have not seen yet. Knowledge is power and most of the traits will hurt your run, but it’s still a great idea to know what you’re dealing with. In addition, you can see how difficult it is to do the next, and thanks to the overall socialism the game is in progress, it could lead to the next tip of Rogue Legacy 2.

Sometimes looking for gold is the best you can do

Gold is important in Rogue Legacy 2. You need gold to upgrade the castle, and you need gold to create new equipment for yourself. The best way to make a lot of money fast is to choose a character with many negative traits. These tend to give you a big boost to your gold, which makes them perfect for quick runs to grab a lot of cash.

You don’t have to fight all the time

Finally, you can actually overtake most enemies, except for the boss and some challenges. In fact, it will keep you alive much longer on a fairly regular basis. Sure, you can drop money when an enemy dies, but most of the time you don’t. In other words, it’s better to learn how to avoid attacks to the fullest extent. Both WindShield and Barbarian’s Shout can help projectiles, so they’re perfect if you don’t want to fight anymore.

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Rogue Legacy 2 Tips and Tricks

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