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Bahrain Thief District – BRAVE CF 47: Asian domination opposes the rising star of Abdisalam Kubanichbek and the top veteran of Roland Di. The Philippine champion is in the midst of a career revival rarely seen in mixed martial arts. He was able to reinvent himself with Lightweight and became a battle from the title shot at the BRAVE Combat Federation. He is grateful for the opportunity and is ready to fly the Philippine flag to the best of places.

A true patriot, Dy looks back over the past year as a new father, seeks a fight to achieve his goals, and wins the Fighter of the Year, the world’s fastest growing MMA organization. We have closed the complex 2020. ..

Rolando aims to be one step closer to realizing his dreams, but he begins to be recognized by his peers. The global opportunity given to him will put him firmly at the top of the list of MMAs in the Philippines.

“I’m very happy to be selected as the Fighter of the Year. In fact, I’m still very happy. I’ve never stopped training and I’ve never stopped trusting myself. I have the opportunity. I knew that, and it did. They called me to face Magicman (Maciej Gierszewski) and John Brewin, and I won. I said no to the monsters. They gave me monsters when they came to Lightweight because it never happened, and I deserve this because I defeated them. I represent my country at the highest level And I look forward to welcoming the Philippines to the top of MMA. “

For “The Incredible,” 2020 was a blissful year and he was an unforgettable year. He gained weight permanently and is now a battle for the world title. Not only that, he welcomed his first-born baby Joy Gabriel Die and is now fighting for more than glory.

“I’m fighting to set a good example of my joy. I have my father’s gene, so she has my gene, so I know she’ll be a fighter But I want her to be proud of me and to be able to tell everyone that her father was a world champion when she grew up. “

But before he realizes this dream scenario, another “monster” is waiting. Rolando has taken on Kubanychbek and is aware of the dangers of this match, but is excited to use his experience to win another huge battle.

“He’s a top fighter and the best in his area, but this isn’t new to me. I fought monsters early in my career, fought undefeated fighters, and brought them their first defeat. His strength, pace, and wrestling are issues I have to deal with. He is powerful, brave, and fearless. But I am more accurate, faster, and smarter than him. I’ve been fighting tougher competition. I know I can betray him. It will be either a beating from him or a school education from me. “

BRAVE CF 47: Asian Domination brings together top fighters from all regions of Asia, headlined by Dy vs Kubanychbek on March 11th. The winner will be given a title shot to the person who took the lead between Amin Ayoub and Ahmed Amir. AhmedAmir will face off in BRAVE CF50 for Ayoub’s lightweight crown.

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Rolando Dy is ready to make history of MMA in the Philippines with BRAVE CF 47: Asian Domination Rolando Dy is ready to make history of MMA in the Philippines with BRAVE CF 47: Asian Domination

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