Role play among us is all about bad acting

Ludwig Aalen and Jeremy Wang were bodyguards. They stuck to their boss like glue, trying not to slip through anything. The Porous Outpost is a dangerous place and we don’t know what to expect from a lava-lined planet.

“Don is on the move and is now heading south,” Aalen said when he left the emergency meeting. His boss disappeared after a few seconds. He scrambled to find her. “Oh … uh … there was a little emergency here.”

He and Wang, well known for their Twitch handle Disguised Toast, have extensively searched for missing Don. Check outpost communications, O2, offices and other buildings. They had no luck. “Where’s Don !?” Aalen shouted, circulating through the outpost’s camera feed. “Give me a sign of life.”

The mysterious disappearance was too great, just to see Don, who was supposed to protect him, dead when Aalen rushed to Vital. Aalen screamed in pain and his voice broke.

Ahren, DisguisedToast, and Lily “LilyPichu” Ki were playing on Among Us and wanted to spice up a bit. They took on stupid characters and added another layer of eccentricity to the game of creating their own murder mystery. They decided to play a little role. “You guys killed me,” Ki whispered through the microphone from across the game.

This is The Skeld and Porous, where Twitch Streamer and Among Us fans play an over-the-top, dramatic, and sometimes pointless role. While streamers such as Ludwig and Disguised Toast use roleplay as a way to entertain their viewers, some use roleplay as a way to build a non-existent folklore of Among Us.

“Role-playing reduces the importance of victory.”

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahren

Role play is common in games. Streamers and others have gained support for performing bank robbery and adopting unique character builds in games such as Red Dead Redemption and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can browse Twitch to find streamers who are currently role-playing.

Among us, it is a perfect candidate for role play because of its great popularity and formability. It’s a party game that makes you excited to see people with big personalities play. Viewers say they’ve watched 1.5 billion hours of Among Us on Twitch in the last few months, so it would be even better if these big personalities clashed in an unprecedented way.

Soldier role play among us. Credit: Xx_MLG_NOSCOPER_M8xX

Role play is also common in public lobbies. Some players pretend to be soldiers on a military base, with fraudsters acting as spies behind enemies. Due to the experience of the soldiers, the scammer’s kill cooldown timer has been reduced to 10 seconds. The game tends to end quickly, but it’s full of blood. Some, like Joseph Stalin, have taken on the role of a major figure in history. Once in court, his followers will vote for anyone Stalin tells them. But what if a scammer kills Stalin? What if the scammer is Stalin?

There is no official folklore between us, so players are using these roleplay scenarios to add depth to the game. Some of these role players do not play the game when they do role play. By typing into Discord, they build a context around the game’s crew, scammers, tasks, and levels.

“His hair is sharp like a cat. He was suddenly struck and didn’t like it,” one role player introduced his character, Gato, to another for the first time. “Great, great,” his character tweeted that he wanted to be alone. The in-game interaction between the cafeteria and Medbay, which takes seconds, is drawn to highlight all the details of the “time loop” roleplay Discord server.

“The facts among us give us so much creative freedom,” the founder of Discord told GameSpot. They created an original story built on a skeletal map background, along with other mods on the server. “There are endless options to explore.”

Among us, Discord roleplay expands the universe created by fans. Credit: InnerSloth
Among us, Discord roleplay expands the universe created by fans. Credit: InnerSloth

“The Loop” is a time-loop-centric story that attempts to recreate the short-form nature of Among Us games. Roleplay is frequently reset the moment everyone arrives at the ship. Everyone’s memory will be erased. Allows the player to fine-tune the character on a loop-by-loop basis.

“Originally, my character was a very lucky guy who was on board just because he was at work,” said Gato’s roll player, who loops over time as he learns about his character. I added that it would be useful for. “But now he’s more realistic and a little more cautious about others who have taken part in the mission because of his desire to go to space since childhood.”

Combining the “Among Us” setting with a time loop story allows role players to dive into their roles for weeks and experiment with new things. This is unique to role play, and “time loops give you more opportunities to establish your character from different perspectives,” said one player. “It’s really fun.”

The server uses some of the Among Us mechanisms to shape the way the story unfolds. The scene where the crew is killed by a scammer is kept in a private one-on-one message monitored by a server mod, so no one can see what happened before the murder.

Role-playing helped these fans between us get closer to each other, even if their couple was trying to kill everyone else. The friendship between characters has evolved into a friendship between role players, even if the characters cannot safely get off the ship.

“It definitely brought us closer.”

Discord roll player between us

Both types of roleplay, acting or written on the fly, make each session more than just a game. It has become a unique moment shared with friends, intimately with small groups or in front of thousands of audiences.

In-game cosmetics, including modified ones, add flare to roleplay.
In-game cosmetics, including modified ones, add flare to roleplay.

Role-playing doesn’t make it easy to win a game of Among Us. In reality, it can be more difficult to build trust with other players. But if you’re a good enough actor who can quickly tell a compelling lie, you may be able to get rid of the upset. But sometimes role play may work in your favor.

DisguisedToast, Don, and everyone else at the outpost were dead. Only Ludwig and two other streamers, Sykkuno and Wenderful, were left behind. “Sychno has one question to answer,” Ludwig said. “Do you think I’ll kill Don?”

“So I don’t think you killed her,” Cycno replied. “She said,’You guys let me die.’ That is, you must not have killed her. She said something like’You betrayed me.’ It would have been. ”Ki) talking after she died and threw her into the lava pool.

Ludwig muttered before the “Abu **** Son, Sikuno” victory screen appeared. “You broke it again.” Wenderful was a scammer. Don has been revenge.

Such a scene transforms Among Us from an exciting party game about deception to a canvas for performance. When the player commits to the character, the goal is not to win, but to see the character clash with the murders and lies that are at the heart of this virtual version of the mafia.

“Role-playing reduces the importance of winning,” Ludwig tells GameSpot. “But I go a step further and say that winning won’t be the most important thing. Making sure everyone in the lobby is having fun and entertaining the viewer is more important than winning. Role play is a way to achieve that. “

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