roll out! Is a clone of a super monkey ball featuring other trapped animals • .net

Hope someone is still working on the Super Monkey Ball somewhere in Sonic’s gut. Sega’s spherical puzzle series was revived in 2019 for Banana Blitz HD, the re-release of the series’ average Wii U entry, before everything was silenced again.

Meanwhile, after raising £ 43,000 through Indiegogo for the past 12 months, an incredibly similar spherical puzzle game has been put together by a small team.

The results will be rolled out! And it was rolled out to Steam Early Access last night.

Many animals have appeared in the game, and the above image depicts the mouse Morris. Otherwise, the similarities with Sega monkeys are clear. Of course, Super Monkey Ball didn’t create the marble puzzle genre, but rollout levels, visual design, music, sound effects, and almost everything else about the game is fine to hide its inspiration. ..

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD was launched for consoles in October 2019 and eventually appeared on Steam. Sega seemed to enjoy it for a while-later patches allowed him to move around in the cube instead-but we haven’t heard any more from the franchise for over a year.


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