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Roman Reigns is heading for the WWE Royal Rumble with what looks like an unexpected enemy.Reigns forced Adam Pearce in last week’s WWE SmackDown episode Become the new No. 1 candidate for the Universal Championship.. Reluctant, Pierce seems to have accepted his fate and is ready to challenge the tribal chief.

But, Report From Dave Melzer, WWE may change Rains opponents before the WWE Royal Rumble. For some time, Reigns has been feuding with Kevin Owens. Owens appears to be thorny on the side of the Universal Championship and suffers from it.

But there may still be more to Kevin Owens in this storyline than initially revealed. Dave Melzer reported that WWE could return its opponent to Kevin Owens. This is part of the story, not the actual match.

“It looks like a weird match, so they could bring it back to Kevin Owens, because if they do, it almost tells you that they literally have no idea at all. They I have not ruled out that he will return to Kevin Owens. “

Adam Pearce appears ready to face Roman Reigns, but WWE’s plans may actually change to include Kevin Owens in the title photo again. Earrings have played the role of on-screen authority in RAW and SmackDown last year. At that time, he became a fairly popular part of the weekly WWE show, but it should be noted that he retired for some time. It is very unlikely that he will face Roman Reigns in the first match after a considerable distance from the ring.

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Roman reign may get a new Royal Rumble Challenger Roman reign may get a new Royal Rumble Challenger

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