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WWE’s “Tribal Chief”, Roman Reigns, took some time off his busy schedule to talk. Bleacher Report About the highlights of his current universal title governance.The most special moment for him His story to his cousin, Jey Uso.. The reign revealed that many of the emotions that carried them through the angle were legitimate.

“Personally, I think it was the most special thing to do with my cousin Jay,” he said. “I felt a connection between these two games and their stories like never before. Many of these promotions and things and the emotions they see were real. I think we were able to take advantage of luggage that we had never done, or luggage that we thought was a common problem, but that was what we were able to dive into. “

Another highlight is that he Defeated both Edge and Daniel Bryan in the main event of Wrestlemania 37 To maintain the Universal Championship. He points out that this dominant performance of a star stacking both men to win a match has never been done before.

“When I heard Paul Heyman join in and reveal the history of being the dominant finish in the history of WrestleMania’s main event, the man who piled up the two men at WrestleMania’s main event Nobody was there. All I could say was crazy, but I think it was just recognition and praise, “Reigns said.

The “tribal chief” also acknowledges his achievements Play against Edge Bank money One of his favorites, especially because it was the first pay-per-view fan to come back at full capacity.

“Apart from doing it with my family because it went so well with Jay, what was very special to me was the match against Edge at Money in the Bank. It was my first pay-per-view. I think it was in Fort Worth, the back. I haven’t seen the match so I can’t elaborate on the energy. It was as noisy as the arena, but in the arena the crowd is alive. Was. Timing and pace, I saw it criticized and called it a bit slow, but that’s what the main event tycoon does.

“I’m not going to go out and sprint or backflip for no reason. We were following a real Money in the Bank ladder match. It’s itself It’s a spot fest and a crazy stunt fest. Going there with Edge-everyone knows what he did for this business, the experience and passion he brings, get out there It was astounding to experience the reaction and the story that was being told there. “

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Roman Reigns Lists WWE Universal Championship Favorite Matches Roman Reigns Lists WWE Universal Championship Favorite Matches

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