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Joe Anoai, Usos, and Paul Heyman were found watching Battle Royale on SmackDown, and saw a boom mic.

WWE is split in the middle. Many fans don’t know who the stars of the 90’s are and are bothered by those stars who appear many times in WWE in a very short amount of time. On the other side of the coin, fans of the 90’s can be seen delighted to see their favorite stars still doing the tricks since childhood. Unfortunately, legendary stars need a lot of cash to get out of retirement, as it’s not so easy to do what they did in their thirties, even over the age of fifty. Randy Orton “Secret” WWE Pause News Leak.

As many know, Bray Wyatt was a big loss for WWE and even bigger for the entire fan base. So what was the cause of this? Is it possible that WWE cut the break to fork the dough needed to get Goldberg back into action? Let’s dive into this …

Billibati recently reported on the Nitty Gritti Dirt Show The Bray Wyatt was offered a title match with Bobby Lashley in SummerSlam, which Lashley was planning to take over. Bray Wyatt reportedly barked creatively for Rushley’s feud. After that, WWE released Wyatt and went with Goldberg. Goldberg was thrown into the spot of Wyatt.

Certainly a very strange series of events. There is no conclusive evidence that Bray was dumped in the trash for this reason, but it is added to the story.

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Roman Reigns SmackDown Promo Bocchi Leak Roman Reigns SmackDown Promo Bocchi Leak

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