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WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns recently spoke Men’s Health Magazine’s Greg Presto To discuss training and nutrition, the Y3T fitness program he uses, and more. The interview took place last night at WWE Extreme Rules before Reigns took over Finn Balor of “The Demon.”

Reigns was asked how to train for a major marathon event like the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view and how to train to increase stamina while maintaining the physique needed to become a WWE Superstar. ..

“I think you have to find some sort of midpoint between being a bodybuilding and a professional athlete. Train as if you were in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA,” Reigns said. Stated. “I train with the same intensity, focus, dedication, and time management as the world’s top sports stars. But at the same time, we have to take off our shirts to do this, and its aesthetic appeal Must be.

“So there’s a very focused breakdown of how you want it to be, and how you want to train each body part, so all this has to be done by you. That is. “

Reigns also decides whether to coordinate training for different opponents, such as high-flying performers, and whether to combine training differently with their matchstyle and performance against large, slow opponents. I was asked. The tribal chief said he wouldn’t adjust, but others would adjust for him.

“I’m on the other side. I don’t adjust. Everyone else adjusts for me. I’m the Universal Championship and I’m at the top, so my system works,” Reigns said. Stated. “And what I’m doing in the ring, and the athletic ability I’m showing, and how it leads to predominant performance, that’s what I’ve been doing for years. It’s actually dialed, so it’s for everyone else to understand and is a way to adjust yourself to step into the ring with Roman Reigns.

“Now I’m already knocking out my morning aerobic exercise [it’s noon Eastern].. I have already had my first meal. You will knock out another meal as soon as you finish here. Then I go into the gym, do that part of strength training, then eat a few more times, do something with my kids and family, and knock out aerobic exercise at night. So it’s a constant grind. By maintaining that spirit and discipline, sticking to the drill, and doing things like this every day, I’m not ready, but I’m still in the position of being ready. “

The reign he nominated WWE Champions Big E and Bobby Lashley, who lost in the RAW Triple Threat last week when asked about other WWE superstars he praises for their training. He also named John Cena, Chaz Gable, and Robert Roode.

“It’s almost impossible to narrow it down to one, because almost everyone has that discipline and that self-motivation,” Reigns said. “Everyone has built a really solid package. The two guys Bobby Lashley and Big E, who were together on Monday, are both top-notch world-class athletes, although they are very different in shape. Not only how it looks, but also how many they can stand in the gym. Even with a stopwatch, I think the way they move is impressive.

“Another man from John Cena was able to maintain a top-notch stage-ready physique for 20 years and do it on a very complete schedule. 4-5 days a week, once a week. For years. There are so many people that they may not get the right TV time, or even those who may not be the name of the family-people like Chad Gable, Bobby Roode- Maybe not the top WWE guys, but guys, do they have a great package to present at the right time? “

He continued. “Success leaves a clue. It didn’t come out of nowhere. But with care, you can see how it progressed and how it improved over time. You have all the meticulous details. You can see how they are consistent and how difficult it is to do that year each year. I have a lot of respect for all these guys. I missed some I know that you can start listing the entire roster, but that’s the realm. If you want to be a WWE superstar, we’re all different shapes and sizes, but our big Many are top-level athletes. “

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Roman Reigns talks about Roman Reigns talks about

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