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Dave Meltzer posted on the forum about Roman Reigns, who declined to work with Damian Priest before WrestleMania while writing about a priest working with Bad Bunny. Mizu is rumored to have a major match against WrestleMania.

Fans write: “This is two consecutive games in which Garza, who has been in the main event for several months, struggled with priests, and the distractions by Bad Bunny had to help the priest win. Two games.

In the long run, I don’t know how this will help Damian. “

Melzer said, “There wasn’t even a spot on the priest. Their idea was him as Owens’ best friend, but neither Owens nor Reins liked it. But he cleaned up with his movements. It doesn’t matter if you sell for Angel Garza in the winning match. Everyone wants to sell for their opponent. “

Fans posted: “Well, that goes back to other discussions between you and Brian.

Garza is not anyone. He is said to be empty and has never seen him fighting primarily on Hulu. I’m sorry, the priest shouldn’t sell for Garza for now.

If he was fighting like a ricochet or Lee, I would understand that. Because they are still getting some important airtime. But it’s not Garza. He hasn’t been there since Andrade and Zelina disappeared. “

Melzer replied: “No one will remember this. They only see the guys who are featured and take part in the actual program in Mania, and his booking after Bad Bunny leaves tells the difference, This is nothing. Currently they are doing everything to get over Bad Bunny. That is the goal. Otherwise, after Kevin Owens refused to be his best friend, the priest You will be at a loss. ” Roman Reigns has revived WWE’s top stars as writers.

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Roman Reigns “Turndown” Match with Raw Star Roman Reigns “Turndown” Match with Raw Star

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