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Tonight’s headline Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (Saturday, January 1, 2022) First day Pay-per-view (PPV) at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia is a Universal Championship match, but inevitably about the Universal Championship. No, we are still investing in this story, mostly thanks to Paul Heyman.


When the two last went, Hayman was firmly on the side of the reign. When the time came, he grabbed the championship, threw it in the middle of the ring, split it between two wrestlers, and let them fight for control of it. Lesner won in that regard, but Usos appeared to cut him down, then Rains used the title for himself and eventually won the match.

A few weeks later, Hayman’s loyalty was questioned over and over again and finally came to mind. Friday Night SmackDown a few weeks ago. Tired of distrust, the reign fired Hayman and left him on the mountain. Lesner has always claimed that Hayman was his defender.

Well, I went to the next meeting. what happens?

Now, Hayman claims that thanks to his dismissal, his time in the industry is probably nearing the end. The way this was overrated on television has led the majority of fans to believe that a large number of people are coming. Was this all a plot, and Hayman appears to reveal that he is still working with the reign, and have they planned this all the time?

It won’t be long for us to learn the answer.

And it turns off Royal rumble Road to Wrestlemania..


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Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar Preview: WWE Day 1 Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar Preview: WWE Day 1

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